Government welcomes Haitian engineers and technicians from military training in Ecuador

After rigorous training over the course of 10 months spent in a foreign country, 41 of Haiti's brightest return home to be part of the new, impending quasi-military force which is the brainchild of current President, Michel Martelly.


The move to ship the over 40 men to Ecuador to undergo their training was Martelly's answer after his campaign promise to reinstitute the army, which had been disbanded after the Aristide coup, among other serious charges of abuse of power, was met by overwhelming dissent by the U.S. and other world governments, which cited a concern that a new army would derail the efforts being made to create a police force of civilians.

Not only were foreign bodies hesitant for the reinstatement of the army in Haiti, but the population of the country itself was against it, having been conditioned to perversions of justice by their own military and those of the countries that have occupied it.

Under the urgings of the United States, Martelly opted to, instead of recruiting and training a full military, to send Haitian men for training in Ecuador. It is these men who were recently welcomed back and will now pick up the duties of monitoring Haiti's border with their island neighbor, the Dominican Republic. Among their duties they will be expected to give aid during disasters, acting as a response unit, raise awareness within the environment as well as fight to stave the tide of drug trafficking.

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Fermilien Francy says...

Prezidan nou tounen apre kek semenn nou pat pale
1-mesi pou corps policiers ''politour '' la m te mandew la.
2-mesi pou lise kwadebouke nou we ki plizou mwen koumanse gen yon vizaj lekol apre reparasyon an, netwaye lakou bel plante fle, leve depi se machann ki devan la pa fet pou yo, betone lari a mete sevis sikilasyon devanl pou travese timoun lekol yo.
3-mesi pou aeroport la ki poko fini men ki vreman santi bon tout ayisyen tankoum yo koumanse fye ke yo se ayisyen.

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Subject: Government welcomes Haitian engineers and technicians from military training in Ecuador edit

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