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Ariel Henry abandoned INITE over new ministerial position

In a letter dated September 8, 2015, INITE announced his decision to withdraw from the Martelly-Paul government. The Political Party consequently called his representative Ariel Henry to give is resignation. However, Mr. Henry did not see it the same way. Actually he was promoted to the position of Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor.

Loyalty is definitely out of the window in this case.

In Haiti, there is no identifiable group with a specific ideology. There is no cooperation, honesty, trust, commitment, loyalty or patience. There is no liberal or conservative, left or right, socialist or capitalist in Haiti. What you will find are simply men and some women, that are driven by money, power and the desire to continue to hold both

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Martelly Assails Character of Communications Minister Rothschild

President Martelly attacked his Communications Minister, Francois Rothschild, for lying about the treatment Haitians receive when they force-emigrate from the Dominican Republic back to Haiti. Martelly has accused Rothschild of characterizing the government authorities' attitude towards Haitians as respectful. Not so says Martelly.

Rothschild, a former journalist, allowed himself to be put on the spot by Martelly, who acted as a pseudo-journalist, doing all he could to humiliate Rothschild before an audience of thousands, and millions of radio listeners and TV viewers.

Martelly debased the profession of journalism, saying Rothschild "was in school to learn to lie to people" (while ironically playacting a journalist himself). Martelly continued his assault upon Rothschild, claiming he knew the predicament of Haitian deportees arriving in Haiti and it was deplorable.

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Justin Viard fired as Consul General of Haiti in Montreal

Unexpected decision by the Government of Martelly-Paul to remove the current Consul General of Haiti in Montreal. Many people who have been observing the current government have concluded that something must have happened for the decision.

On Friday, September 4th, Justin Viard, the Consul General of Haiti in Montreal was called back from his responsibility. He was removed from his office by the Martelly-Evans administration for some undisclosed reasons which were not communicated by the Government of Haiti or by the Consul General himself. Justin was neither transferred, demoted nor posted to any other position on the diplomatic structure of Haiti whether inside or outside the country; he was simply revoked. The announcement of the sudden revocation of Justin Viard, the Consul General of Haiti in Montreal, caused many reactions of misunderstanding within the Haitian community of Montreal. The exact cause of wrath that might have motivated the decision of Port-au-prince is still unknown, however, some sources indicate that it could lead to the use of diplomatic representation of Haiti by a third party for private commercial purposes.

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Martelly Sexist Remark Cost Him Government Officials

President Martelly of Haiti is an unabashed sexist. At a campaign rally Martelly insulted a woman, who complained his administration had neglected to provide her community with power service. His response to her was to go have sex in the bushes with any available man.

Fusion Social Democrats', Edmonde Beauzile, responded to Martelly's comment by ordering removal, under his party's coalition, three of Martelly's officials, two ministers and the secretary of state. He. called Martelly's remark "unacceptable". The Martelly government, unfazed by Beauzile's move, knows Martelly can still govern without difficulty. He currently rules by decree, and can say and do pretty much as he pleases. Also a lame duck president leaving office soon, another reason he can be outrageous with impunity.

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Haitian Embassy Evicted in Pretoria for Unpaid Rent

According to IOL News (Independent Online, South Africa), on Friday, July 18th, Judge Janse van Nieuwenhuizen of the Pretoria High Court has ruled an order to attach all the moveable properties of the Haitian embassy in Waterkloof for non-payment of rent for 10 months amounting to R550,500 (South African Rand, about US$44,265). The embassy had failed to pay the home rent of about R50,000 per month to its landlords Nosisi Thomaza Sotuku and Ann Hacquebord. One of the landlords has said, she did not notice that the rent was not being paid regularly because she was mourning the death of her husband. The court order was issued under the principle of "tacit hypothec", which gives right to attach tenant's property under such similar circumstances. In his interim order, the judge has said that the Sheriff or Deputy Sheriff may enter the embassy premises and can remove to attach all moveable property belonging to the embassy.

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Dominican Republic Demands Apology from Haiti

Dominican Republic calls for Apology from Haiti over Deportation Issue. Tensions between Haiti and the Dominican Republic (DR) continue to heighten over the immigration crisis the DR started with its Constitutional Court ruling in 2013: Haitian migrants, who came to work the sugar plantations should now be deported. This ruling also extends to their Dominican-born children who have no claims on their natural birthright, in defiance of international law.

The DR, on the defensive lately, due to a backlash from the international community over forced deportations has made a half-hearted effort to undo some of the harm against Haitian migrants and their Dominican-born children. The DR government began a National Regularization program to register migrants for citizenship status. But the program has been badly administered, causing applicants to fall through the cracks.

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Michel Martelly, a frustrated president now relying on insulting women

At the end of his term in office, President Michel Martelly suddenly feels desperate in regard to his legacy. For all the energies invested for the past five years it appears to him that history might not be kind to him after all. So at this point it appears that our President Michel Martelly can no longer hold his frustration. He is hungry, mad, insane, mentally ill, deranged, demented, sick in the head, crazed. This is the only way to explain his behavior last week as he went further than ever before in his insulting remarks toward the woman he was addressing n the crowd.

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DGI collected 68 percent of expected by mid fiscal year 2014-2015

On Monday, June 8, 2015, Mr. Miradin Morlan, the holder of the General Tax Directorate (DGI) has announced that DGI had collected more than 17 billion gourdes, 68% of the total expected revenue of 25 billion gourdes, in the middle of the 2014-15 fiscal year, excluding the taxes collected by different directorates and tax centers in provincial towns whose collections are expected to be reported shortly. New software will be operational soon which will ensure a better and rational management of tax records and maintenance of the security level of the revenue collected. The tax payers can avail online tax payment and declaration facilities in a simplified way like the cities of Hinche and Cap Haitien which have already been computerized. At the end of the current month, the DGI will inaugurate a new building towards its effort on decentralization with connectivity. DGI was created by a notification in "Le Moniteur" on Thursday, June 12, 1924, through an enactment dated June 6th, 1924 under the presidency of Louis Borno, and the department has celebrated its 91st birthday on last Saturday, June 6th.

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Daniel Supplice Letter to President Martelly on Dominican Crisis

Daniel Supplice response to the President of Haiti following his revocation as Haiti Ambassador to the Dominican Republic. Mr. Supplice lays some blames on the Haitian authorities for the conditions so many of our compatriots are living in in the Dominican Republic.

Here is the letter written by former Haiti Ambassador to the Dominican, Mr. Daniel Supplice to President Michel Martelly:

""Mr. President,

After having for 92 days carried with honor, respect, patriotism and national consciousness the bicolor in the territory of Duarte, Sanchez and Mejia, I have the honor to return you without dirtying in its glorious folds with the patriotic feeling of having tried to be helpful.

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Dominicans demand formal apology, Haiti says no way

Who will crack first? The Dominican Government declared that they will not seat down with the Haitian Government and discuss anything related to migration until the Haitian Government formally present an apology for the comments made by the Haitian President Michel Martelly at the Organization of American States recently and his Foreign Minister Lener Renauld.

The authorities stated that under no circumstances that they will accept the image of the Dominican Republic be affected as they are ready to defend their morals and respect.

On the other hand, Haitian authorities declined the request made by the Dominican Republic for a formal apology. According to the Communications Minister, Rotchild Francois Jr., "the Haitian government would not be apologizing to the Dominican Republic for charges it has made against it that have been proven true."

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