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Michel Martelly, I will leave with no regret, desire or attachment

For anyone waiting for a confrontation with Presidnt Michel Martelly on February 7th, it will not happen. Yesterday, President Michel Martelly confirmed that he will not stay in power after February 7, 2016. This is a shift from his position just few weeks ago when he declared that he will only leave power to people who have been elected in an election.

During a speech given on January 4th, on the inauguration of the new Interior Ministry building President Martelly stated that he doesn't want to stay in power even one day more. He affirmed that he will leave with no regret, no desire, no attachment.

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Breaking News - Evans Paul resigns as P. M., three new Names proposed

This is a breaking news, Prime Minister Evans Paul gave his resignation to President Michel Martelly. In addition, a list of 20 potential Prime Ministers has been reduced to just three. The names of the candidates for the new Prime Minister who made the final three are: Renold Deeb, Andrice Riche and Mr Evans Paul'

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Haitian Kreyol

Evans Paul démission kòm P. M., twa nouvo non sou tab la

Sa a se yon nouvèl tou cho, Premye Minis Evans Paul te bay demisyon l' a Prezidan Michel Martelly. Anplis de sa, nan yon lis ki gen 20 potansyèl premye minis, lis sa te redwi a jis twa. Non kandida yo pou nouvo Premye Minis la ki te fè twa nan final yo se: Renold Deeb, Andrice rich ak Mr Evans Paul

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Will the next President be Jules Cantave, Jocelerme Privert or Evans Paul?

Evans Paul confirmed Martelly' departure on February 7. President Michel Martelly has exactly 11 days left before leaving office. In an interview given to a Venezuelan television network, Prime Minister once again confirmed that the president will not stay after this date as stated in the constitution. He also explained that there are several options in discussion between various actors to determine how the country is going to be governed after February 7th.

Will the next president of Haiti be:
- the current judge from Court of Cassation Jules Cantave,
- the president of the Senate Jocelerme Privert
- or Prime Minister Evans Paul

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Michel Martelly to answer critics in Kanaval, Sweet Mickey style

During the commemoration of the 2010 earthquake, President Michel Martelly took the opportunity to announce what's to come after his presidency. The president said that he doesn't believe in killing as others before him have done" We will not eliminate you, we will not make you disappear, we will not kill you, we will not kill your children, they will not find you in a pile of garbage". However the President said that he reserves the right to use the same microphone as Press freedom should apply to him as well. According to the president, we will see who is the toughest

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Haiti 14 elected senators of the 50th Legislature sworn in

On Tuesday, January 12, 2016, 14 newly elected Senate of the Republic went in function. All the 14 men, no women received their scarf and sworn in ceremony. Three Senators in function, Steven Benoit, Jean baptiste Bien Aimé and Wesner Polycarpe did not show up as a sign of protest. Here is the list of the newly elected Senators :

Carl Murat Cantave, KID, Artibonite, Artibonite

Dieupie Cherubin, KID, Sud'Est

Onondieu Louis, KID, Nord'Ouest

Ronald Lareche, VERITE, Nord'Est

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The Elected Senators of the 50th Legislature in Haiti

On Tuesday, January 12, 2016, fourteen newly elected Senators were sworn and received their scarves at the Senate of the Republic in the presence of the Andris Riché, the President of the Upper House. In Haiti, the Senate has 30 members, three per department, who are elected by popular vote to serve 6-year terms and one-third of the Senate is elected every two years. However, it has been operating with only 20 of 30 seats filled due to cancelled elections. The 14 new elected Senators will join 6 others who will be elected in the next by-election. The 'bureau of age' is composed of Senator Andris Riché, and the two younger Senators Antonio Cheramy and Jean Marie Solomon.

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Cholzer Chancy beating Jerry Tardieu to hear Chamber of deputies

In the first fight in the newly created Chamber of Deputies, cholzer chancy has wan. He was elected to head the institution over Jerry Tardieu. Born in Ennery on February 16, 1967, Cholzer Chancy is a member of Ayiti An Aksyon (AAA) political group who was elected on the first round.

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Haitian Kreyol:

Cholzer Chancy te vin prezidans nan chanm depite sou Jerry Tardieu

Nan premye batay nan chanm depite an, Cholzer Chancy genyen. Li te eli nan tèt enstitisyon an sou Jerry Tardieu. Cholzer te fèt nan Ennery 16 fevriye 1967, yon manm Ayiti An Aksyon (AAA) gwoup politik ki te eli nan premye tou eleksyon an.

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New Elected Deputies swore in 24 hours early to avoid protest

The elected Deputies for the 50th legislative did not wait until the second Monday in January to swear in. At the surprise of many in the population, the 92 Deputies among whom several questions are still unanswered, were all present at the Haitian Parliamentary this Sunday, January 10, 2015. The decision for the new Deputies to enter in function one day earlier was made to prevent any attempt by the opposition

Haitian Kreyol:

Nouvo Depite eli yo sèmante 24 èdtan byen bonè pou evite pwotestasyon

Depite eli pou 50ème lejislatif la pa t 'tann jouk dezyèm Lendi nan mwa janvye pou fè sèman an. Anpil moun nan popilasyon an te pran yon sipriz lè 92 nouvo Depite, pami yo gin plizyè kesyon toujou san repons, te reyini nan palman ayisyen an Dimanch 10 janvye 2015. Desizyon pou Depite nouvo yo te antre nan fonksyon yon jou pi bonè te fèt pou anpeche okenn tantativ pa opozisyon an.

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Calendar for Elected parliamentary to pick-up certificate at the CEP

In preparation to the opening of the 50th legislative session scheduled for January 11, 2016, the elected Parliamentarians were invited to obtain their certificates which give them access to the Haitian parliament. Here is the time calendar as to when these elected officials can come to pick-up their Certificate.

All elected Senators can drop by between 8:30am and 3:30pm. For the elected Deputies, the schedule is as follows:
For Department: Ouest and Centre: 8:30am - 9:00am
For Sud-Est and Nippes: 9:15am - 10:am
For Nord and Nord-Est: 1:30pm - 2:30pm
Artibonite and Nord-Ouest: 2:30pm - 3:30pm

Kalandriye pou palmantè eli yo vini pran sètifika yo nan CEP

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Commission of Electoral Evaluation Makes Recommendations

On Sunday 3 January, 2016, the Independent Electoral Evaluation Commission has released its report on the 25 October presidential elections. The reports clearly conclude that the said election was tainted by irregularities at the polling stations benefitting several candidates through proxy voting and other fraudulent means, committed by their representatives. The Commission was appointed by President Martelly on December 22, 2015 under section 136 of the Constitution and the Decree of 17 May 2005. It was formed in response to the demands of his oppositions to evaluate the fairness of the October 25th election and to assess the condition of the country's remaining electoral process. Due to the short time frame, many questions were left unanswered and the commission failed to rightly conclude the degree by which the presidential election and its published results were compromised by "irregularities akin to fraud"-- as it has reported.

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