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Monique Rocourt Installed at the Head of the Ministry of Culture

On Thursday, April 3, 2014, Monique Rocourt, the Director General of ISPAN (Institute for the Protection of National Heritage) since last February, has been installed as the head of the Haitian Ministry of Culture. She has replaced former minister Henry Robert Jolibois although before she took over, the chair was so far held by the interim Minister Josette Darguste. The outgoing Minister Josette Darguste who was present in the installation ceremony has never remained idle. She was the former Director General of the Ministry of Tourism, had held the interim position Directors of decentralized and autonomous bodies, executives of ISPAN. Ms. Darguste expressed her hope that the new boss of the ISPAN will work effectively, use her experience and courage while taking bold steps.

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Professor Nesmy Manigat

Professor Nesmy Manigat is a member of the Bipartite Commission of negotiation and Advisor to the Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe. On Thursday April 3, 2014, he has been installed as the Minister of National Education and Vocational Training in place of Minister Vanneur Pierre. The outgoing Minister Pierre has welcomed his successor and expressed his confidence that the new minister with his knowledge, experience and understanding can overcome the challenges ahead and achieve his target. The new minister has observed the work of his predecessor for last 20 months. He expressed his confidence that he along with other members of the institute is capable to overcome every obstacle and fulfill the educational dream projects of the State.

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Monique Rocourt Installed at the Head of the Ministry of Culture

On Thursday, April 3, 2014, Monique Rocourt has been installed as the head of the Haitian Ministry of Culture by replacing former minister Henry Robert Jolibois. The interim Ministry of Culture Josette Darguste was present during the installing ceremony and has expressed her hope that the new boss of the Ministry of Culture will work effectively, use her courage and experience prudently while taking bold steps. During the installation ceremony Ms. Rocourt has said that her focus will remain on the young minds. They are the hopes of the nation in every act of preservation and enhancement of our artistic heritage, architectural, literary and intangible culture. She believes her transition will always remain smooth with the guidance of the outgoing minister in the coming days. She expressed her thanks to the colleagues of ISPAN for continued support and welcoming her to the new responsibility.

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El Rancho Agreement not Popular with Parliament

The Inter-Haitian dialogue is being stalled by political infighting. An accord called the El Rancho Agreement (ERA) was supposed to be signed by Parliament within ten days. At issue are two articles of the ERA, Articles 12 and 13. Article 12 concerns amendment of the Electoral Act. Parliament claims Article 12 runs contrary to the spirit of Haitian law and its Constitution. They also claim signers have no legitimate authority to approve Article 12. Beyond the ten-day period, Parliament is relieved of its obligation to sign Article 12.

Article 13 of the ERA stipulates ". . . the Monitoring Committee had no binding power to force actors to respect their commitments . . ." Commission members are calling on Parliament to honor their commitment and sign the ERA. To further entangle the process, First Secretary of the Office of the Senate, Senator Benoit, has tendered his resignation to make a political statement. To sum it all up, Parliament made commitments written into the ERA, but now refuses to legitimize those commitments.

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Michel Martelly celebrating three years in Office

This is something you can see for yourself. The third anniversary of the Government of Michel Martelly was celebrated in Champ-de-Mars this Wednesday, May 14, 2014 in front of an imposing crowd.

According to the number of people who were present at Champ-de-Mars to celebrate with the president, I can only make two conclusions: it's either the government or its supporters did a great job to gather all these people in Champ-de-Mars or the population is really satisfied with the accomplishments of his government.

Here is the video showing a large crowd of people in Champ-de-Mars to celebrate the three years of Michel Martelly in office

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Rudy Herivaux, Communication

Dr. Rudy Hérivaux is a former senator and leader of Confidence Party and a personality with excellent communication skills. On Thursday, April 3, 2014, Dr. Rudy has been installed as the new Minister of Communication in place of the outgoing minister Josette Darguste. He is a member and section supremo of Fanmi Lavalas or Lavalas Family. Recently, Dr. Hérivaux came to the headline for his comment on the quality of reporting by the press where he accused the media for driving disinformation campaigns. During the installation ceremony, he has said that as the new Minister of Communication, his main task will be to stop every infernal mechanical disinformation and make proper representation of every important government policy and action to the people. A good relationship between the State and media is very essential for coexistence. He has no intention ever to silence or ignore the role of media in the country.

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New Advisors of the Superior Court of Auditors Take the Stage

On Monday, April 7, 2014, the President Michel Martelly accompanied by the Prime Minister along with other important people from the Judicial Council, Government and civil societies, after a swearing in ceremony, has installed 10 new judges (Arol Elie, Fritz Robert Paul, Jean Ariel Joseph, Marie France H. Mondésir, Méhu Mélius Gaston, Neltha Marie Féthière, Nonie, Henriette Mathieu, Pierre Volmar Demesyeux, Rogavil Boisguene and Saint-Juste Momprévil). The new judges will hold offices at the Superior Court of Auditors and Administrative Disputes (CSC/CA) for 10 years. While saluting the remarkable work done by their predecessors, the President reminded the new judges of their enormous responsibilities to ensure the regularity, efficiency and effectiveness of the use of public funds.

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The system of Checks and balances doesn't work in Haiti

Last week, the Government of Michel Martelly made it public and to the surprise of many that his government is broke and doesn't have any more money. The government did not feel that there was a need to be more specific and to provide the numbers.

In a system of checks and balances which Haiti supposedly has, each of the three branches of government can limit the powers of the others to make sure that the power is balanced between them. The three branches are not independent of one another, each has the necessary powers to check and balance the operations and power of the others.

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Daniel Theodore Lost Tooth After Beaten By Wencesclas Lambert

When a political meeting was going on in the town of Marigot on Sunday, 9th March 2014, a young activist named Daniel Théodore, a second year student of agronomy from the Public University of East Jacmel (LIPSEJ) and a delegate of MORACS was attacked by Senator Wencesclas Lambert (South-East). The aggressive assault caused injury and the loss of two teeth to the citizen. The Senator Lambert hit Daniel Theodore twice in the face before many observers who were attending the meeting. As per the Senator's statement the student was at fault because he disrespected his joint authority as a Senator and a Chairman of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee and vehemently abused him during the middle of a meeting. The student called that the declaration by Senator Lambert is not true. He stood up and outlined the inconsistencies, unkept promises made four years ago (construction of a health center in the area) and raised corruption charges against the Senator.

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Martelly-Lamothe believe in Job creation, with more than 40 Ministers

Our government wants to remain true to its idea of of Job creation by increasing the number of Ministers and Secretaries in its Government. As a result of the new cabinet Reshuffle in Haiti, we now have more than 40, fully employed individuals; that is between Ministers and Secretaries of States.

Who said the the Government of Martelly-Lamothe doesn't believe in Job creation?

The business of Government or "Dirigen" in Haiti, leading the way to full employment in Haiti.

The government is likely to run into some problems with these new positions just created in the government. Where will the money come from to pay for this new positions? As a remark, the Executive increased the number of these ministers without the consultation of the Haitian Parliament.

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