Here comes Moise Jean Charles on Cap-Haitian Incident

In the neighborhood where I grew up in Haiti, there was someone just like Senateur Moise Jean Charles, One who seems to know everything and something about everyone.


We would call them" "Moun Tripot"

Was that the case for you?

My Mother use to call these people:
" Dyol A Lè Lè"
" Pitit Sa Gin Yon Vwonmisman Malkadi"
" Moun Sa, Pa Gin Sa Li Pa Di A Dyol Li"
" Ou Kwe Se Pa Fe Yo Fe Pitit La Sa?"
" Yon Jou Lang Li Ap Rete Pandye Sou Lestomak Li"

Moise Jean-Charles is quite unique in this area. The Senator of North Department seems to know everything. So you can imagine that he would have an answer for the incident that took place recently where School children from two popular schools in the city of Cap-Haitian were the object of attacks.

Please watch Senator moise Jean-Charles following the incident at Lycee Jean Baptiste Boukman and Philippe Guerrier:

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Ded says...

yon moun ki senateur paka menm fe difference entre ...i et u....bagay yon bon elev kendergaden tadwe konnin...alew laba senate plante yanm...ou paka represente

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Jacky Dessalines says...

he is a tre defender for the Haitian people...

we need transparency form sweet micky...

form lamote...

those guys

in power ...

Moise Jean Charles he is not senator drug dealer ...

he is not a legal ganster ...

he is not team member in the pink mafiosi...they don't like him....

he is the most dredible senator we can have ...

life to Moise Jean

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Pierre says...

This guy is a joke. I don't know people even take they time to vote for those

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Subject: Here comes Moise Jean Charles on Cap-Haitian Incident edit

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