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Marco - April 8 2011, 3:47 PM

I think it is a disgrace to call your self Haitian, you might as well kill your self beacause you sitting there pointing finger at Michel Martely you will never be able to fit his shoes.The president was an ordinary citizens just like you are, but he has something far greater than all of us who are talking about him, he sees his country in trouble and he decided to do something about it, what have you done for Haiti lately?

I guess nothing because you are still on the sideline pointing finger at a man who is far more greater than you are, please if you think that you are going to be one of the Haitian that is going to stop Haiti from going forward get the hell away far far away, because most haitians do not know how does it feel to be Haitians due to the lack of interaction with other nations some other nations do not think very big of us, all we have is a faded history from the past we need to stop taking credit for what our ancestors have done where is our history where is our achievements what have we done, shut your mouth if you do not have anything nice to say about your president.

Instead you need to get your hands in the pot and statrt pushing Haiti forward it is not about the president it is about Haiti I hope next time you make your self useful.

peace and love! this is our time our era our moment, lets all compete with Toussaint Louverture because most historians always stated that if we took our independance with Toussaint Louverture Haiti would have been a far better country well this is our chance lets all be Louverturians lets change Haiti.

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Sak pa konn miky men miky kolan... manmanw sak vote...

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