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Martelly, Desras and Thimoleon reach agreement

President Michel Martelly and Parliament reached tentative agreement

This political accord between President Michel Martelly, Simon Dieuseul Desras and Jacques Stevenson Thimoléon was announced yesterday, Monday December 29, 2014.

In the agreement, the terms of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies which are supposed to end on January 12, 2014 would be extended only if a new electoral law is passed first.

The terms of the deputies would be extended until April 24 2015 and senators, until Sept. 9.

Following the forced resignation of Former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, President Martelly elected former political activist and mayor of the nation's capital Evans Paul as Haiti's new Prime Minister. The approval of this choice of candidate by parliament will go together with an extension of the terms for the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, to April 24, 2015 and September 9, 2015 respectively. Without this extension, the country's parliament, and essentially its government, would dissolve, allowing the President to rule by decree before elections in the latter part of the year.

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Michel Martelly to meet with opposition leaders, new push to break political deadlock

On Monday, September 22, 2014, the Haitian President Michel Martelly met the representatives of civil groups to break the political deadlock that has delayed country's legislative and local elections for about past three years amid a slow recovery from the 2010 earthquake. In the last June, the President had said that the first round of elections for 20 senators, 112 deputies, will be held on October 26, 2014. The municipal vote will take place two days later. Disagreements between the government and the opposition have further prevented the selection of 140 city officials, 1,140 assembly members and community representatives. Recently, on September 22, the Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe has said that his country will hold long-overdue elections no later than early next year provided some opposition lawmakers do not stand on the way during their tenure whose mandates expire in January 2015. The Haitian government is facing mounting pressure from United Nation and U.S.A to organize election before the terms of ten Senators get expired in the middle of January 2015-- because it is the time when the Parliament will get dissolved leaving a legislative vacuum and the country is ruled by President Decree.

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Eske K-Plim pap pedi anpil Plim nan batay pou ratifikasyion sa?

Mezanmi, anpil koze depi deja soti depi prezidan Michel Martelly decide pou li nomine ansien lider KID la com Premye Minis. Anpil Senate deja di ke fok problem Sena-a rezoud avan yo nomin yon Premye Minis. Senater sa yo pè pou yo pa kaduk le 12 Janvye prochin.

Nan yon lot term, neg sa yo bezoin asire job yo avan yo asire job yon Premye Minis.

An resume, ki sa ki kapab rive?

Mwen panse si Martelly ba bay moun so yo garanti ke yo ape toujou rete Senatè apre 12 Janvie, yo pap ratifie Evans Paul come premye Minis. Yon lot bagay, Si Evans Paul pa rarifie, eske nou kapab di ke karyè politic li fini an Ayiti?

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Haitian Opposition Demands Resignation of President Michel Martelly

Under pressure from his countrymen and his allies around the world, Haiti's President Michel Martelly created a commission to come up with a solution to the current political mess, listened to their recommendations, and forced the Prime Minister to resign his post. These measures, however, have not appeased the opposition, who still demand Martelly's own resignation, using protest demonstrations as their main medium to get their view across.

The same commission called for the resignation of the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) judges (citing they are the body responsible for elections and thus culpable for the delay), as well as that of Anel Alexis Jose, the president of the Supreme Council of Judicial Power. These demands have yet to be complied with, and the call is still going strong for the president to himself resign. Working against such an eventuality, President Martelly has already met with the CEP members who, reportedly, are ready to comply by tendering letters of resignation. It cannot escape notice that the deadline for a holding of elections is close at hand. Past January 12, 2014, if one is not held, parliament will be dissolved and the current Head of State will rule by Presidential Decree. This has created significant impetus for the organizing of demonstrative crowds, a phenomena that is only likely to increase in frequency as the time looms ever nearer.

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Under house arrest, Jean Bertrand Aristide to be visited by Haiti opposition leaders

From exile to house arrest, Jean Bertrand Aristide just can't catch a break in Haiti. Following his inclusion on a list of people ordered not to leave the country by investigative judge, Lamarre Belizaire, Aristide has now been put under house arrest, and his list of visitors must be mandated by the presiding judge.

The embattled former leader was quickly reassured, after his current status was made public, he would receive moral support from members of the opposition,who, along with a group of senators, are against the El Rancho accord. The group reportedly promised to visit the twice-deposed former leader despite a ruling by the judge that all visitors needed to seek approval to see the accused. One opposition senator, Sen. Jean Baptiste Bien-Aime, has said that, despite Judge Belizaire's action, under Haitian law, there is no such thing as house arrest.

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Rudy Heriveaux tried to take over Fanmi Lavalas during Aristide's exile

Lavalas Extremists Accuse Senator Heriveaux of Spying for the U.S. The story of Haitian Communications Minister Rudy Heriveaux's battle to seize party leadership in the Senate was revealed by Wiki Leaks diplomatic cables released recently. Heriveaux began as a Family Lavalas (FL) deputy; and after Aristide was deposed in 2004 Heriveaux broke ranks with the extremist faction of the party, moved to center, and distanced himself from Aristide. Heriveaux campaigned for a senate seat in 2006 against 54 candidates from 28 parties. In the first round of voting he landed in seventh place. If not for second-place winner Mirlande Manigat's decision to drop out, Heriveaux never would have gotten to sixth place, eligible to be in the run-off. He took second place in the run-off, winning his senate seat, achieving for Lavalas its loftiest position in Parliament.

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Breaking news - Les Freres Florestal, Enol et Joshua Florestal, soti nan prison Jodia

Breaking news, Les Freres Florestal, Enol et Joshua Florestal, soti nan prison Jodia

Zin, nou a pen pran nouvel ke ke Les Freres Florestal, Enol et Joshua Florestal, a pen jwin liberte yo.

Mwin pa konnin si nou sonje, de mesye sa yo te retrouve yo nan prison paske yo te di ke Madam Presidan-an, sophia martelly, ak pitit li, Olivier Martelly, te foure min yo nan kess letat-a fon.

Bon, comman sa prale fini, jodia ke mesye yo deyor et ke anpil moun oue ke gouvenman-an ape pedi plim

Comman ou oue koze sa?

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Senator Wencesclass Lambert issued a 15-day ultimatum to resign

Senator Wencesclass Lambert has officially thrown his hat into the ring with fellow Senator Edwin Zenny, issuing the announcement of his impending resignation. The 15-day ultimatum he issued is meant to follow in the footsteps of other G5 members Senators, Zenny, Jean Will Jean-Baptiste and Lucien Derex Pierre-Louis. Before this announcement, Senator Lambert had been one of the only two G5 Senators who had not made their positions known.

The move is in attempt, according to Senator Lambert, to meet the Executive halfway in fulfilling the call for the elections, which is highly anticipated and grossly overdue. The wish is to stop the creation of a lapse in the upper chamber to be caused by member of G6, Senators John Joel Joseph (West), Jean-Baptiste Bien-Aime (Northeast), Westner Polycarpe (North, Jean-Charles Moise (North), Jean William Jeanty (Nippes), and Francky Exius (South), which would in turn impede the elections.

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Rudy Heriveaux demands for dialogue with the opposition

The Haitian government, claiming it wants to hold elections by the end of this year, is continuing to obstruct the process. Minister of Communication, Rudy Heriveaux, has demanded President Martelly step in and end the stalemate of G6 senators.

Martelly replies, "I would not refuse my help if I received a clear signal from you . . ." which is code for; I'm not going to help you. In a crafty move, he points to the meeting he held with signatories on the Inter-Haitian Agreement to set a date for elections, but they could not reach a consensus because they did not have a two-thirds vote. In another sly maneuver he sent a communiqué to the senate president, saying he was ". . . willing and available to meet you if you want to find a solution to the impasse . . ."

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Ansyto Felix said current administration has plan to persecute political opponents

Fanmi Lavalas (FL) party leaders refute allegations against ex-President Jean-Bertrand Aristide he and his party members stole several hundred million dollars during his administration spanning 2001 to 2004. Ansyto Felix, speaking for FL, claimed the attempts to try Aristide on embezzlement charges is the Martelly-Lamothe government's strategy to hold onto power in the face of upcoming electoral balloting in a few months. He said without mincing words "The government of . . . Martelly and . . . Lamothe is doing nothing . . . to meet the needs of the population"

Investigative Judge Lamarre Belizaire signed an arrest warrant to throw Aristide in jail because he did not answer a summons to appear in the magistrate's courtroom. FL leaders, Gerald Gilles and Maryse Narcisse, revealed the charges against Aristide are predicated on a false report, drafted by the opposition after Aristide's ouster from office in 2004.

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