Artibonite Style of Art

Haiti has developed to become the home of primitive art. The art history dates back to 1940's when the Centre D'art was established by Dewitt peters in Port-Au-Prince.


The art revolution has seen the establishment of other several schools of art in Haiti. School of Cap-Haitian was founded by Philome Obin, Prefete Duffaut created the School of Jacmel, Foyer Des Arts Plastiques was established by Lucien Price and Cedor.

Another school of art is the Artibonite School linked to Saincilus Ismael who is the founder and considered as the father of a style of painting called Artibonite. Saincilus Ismael has contributed much to the evolution of art in Haiti.

Ismael is known to have taught his practitioners how to mix Christianity and voodoo.

The Artibonite style of art taught by Ismael constitutes of images painted on a black surfaces. The distinct colors of the images appear emphasized due to the black background.

While most of his students remained loyal to Artibonite subject of country life some opted to go their way and develop individual styles. Michel-Ange Altidort and Carlo Jn. Baptiste due to their love of details and distinctive color chose to explore themes of politics, fantasy and human relationships. However they didn't leave behind their interest in the Haiti traditional subject.

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Melanie Schefft says...

I am an art history student at the University of Cincinnati in Ohio. My senior thesis is on Haitian Modernism, and I would love some help with where to go to find evidence for the strong Byzantine Christian artistic influence on Haitian modern paintings.

If you can direct me to links and places where I can get this wonderful information, I would be very grateful.

Merci, Melanie

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