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$300,000 Offered to alleged victim to keep quiet on Josue Pierre-Louis Rape case

We have new information on the rape case of Josue Pierre-Louis.

New information coming from the father of the rape victim would suggest that the team working for Josue Pierre-Louis is willing to use cash and influence to keep the case from going any further.

It has been disclosed that the team defending former Justice Minister and actual President of the CEP, Losue Pierre-Louis, have been trying to buy the opposition. The father of the alleged rape victim said says that the Haitian government offered his daughter $300,000.00 and a job at a consul office outside of the country if she would drop her rape case against Josue Pierre-Louis.

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Rape Victim testified to be Slapped from 20 to 30 Times by Josue Pierre-Louis - (VIDEO)

Who is right? Who is telling the truth?

Josue Pierre Louis said no Rape, Victim said oh yes, there was rape. Not only there was rape but her face was the receiver of many slaps by Josue Pierre-Louis.

Folks here you have it, both videos. You have a chance to watch both sides of the argument.

In the first video below, you will see the version of Mr. Josue Pierre Louis, president of CEP. Accompanied with attorney Reynold George, Josue Pierre Louis stated that "I am not going to talk about Marie Daniel Bernadin, whom he gave the nickname: "Dannie" who was a personal and intimate friend". That: "She was someone he trusted...."

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Scandal in Michel Martelly Inner Circle as Josue Pierre Louis is accused of raping his secretary

The Chairman of the Board election, Me Joshua Pierre-Louis is hit with with a major accusation. He is accused of raping his secretary. Mr. Josué Pierre Louis is the current head of the Permanent Electoral Council (CEP)

According to Haiti Press Network, a complaint was filed in the Civil Court prosecutor of Port-au-Prince by one of the secretaries of Josué Pierre Louis who said that she was assaulted and raped by her supervisor.

It was also reported the the alleged rape victim is in the process of being evaluated medical after the abuse to confirm that the rape actually took place. Other important players are actually getting involved in the case such as the organizations defending the rights of women and especially RNDDH.

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Electoral Council President Josue Pierre-Louis Accused of Rape

Josue Pierre-Louis, President of the Electoral Council is being accused of rape and assault of Danielle Bernadin, a government secretary and graduate of State University of Haiti aged 27 years, at Port-au-Prince in Haiti. She works at the Ministry of the Interior at a position Josue Pierre-Louis had arranged.

Reason for Assault and Rape
He made a demand to see her phone that may have had sensitive information of the government or his nude pictures. Danielle Bernadin did not get anyone's help at Pierre's home that night. No one came to help her, even after screaming for help or security. She walked out with shoes and clothes in her arms and then a man riding a motorcycle took her home.

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Allegation of Rape by Josue Pierre-Louis, CEP President on Danielle Bernadin

Aside from being contested, the Permanent Electoral Council (CEP) is facing another challenge as its chief, Josue Pierre-Louis, is now being accused of rape. According to reports, Danielle Bernadin, a secretary at the Ministry of the Interior, claimed that Pierre-Louis raped her in his private estate in Tabarre on November 26.

Danielle Bernadin, also called as "Danny" in the office, said that the CEP chief had always picked her up and dropped her off after work. On the date of the alleged crime, however, Pierre-Louis reportedly took a detour, asking Bernadin to help him download applications for his new iPhone. At the estate, Bernadin was reportedly downloading applications when Pierre-Louis suddenly came in the room, carrying two assault rifles. The chief allegedly demanded for Bernadin to show him her mobile phone, which he believed to have been carrying sensitive government information. The victim claimed that Bernadin beat her up and then raped her. She added that she tried screaming for help but no one came.

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List Of Major Events Involving The Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) In Haiti

For the past couple of years, the Provisional Electoral Council in Haiti has been through a lot. Time was tough, as the council was involved in various controversies. However, not everything was bad. There were also instances where CEP has participated in meetings and programs that were aimed at developing the country and helping the people deal with challenges.

To remember what CEP has dealt with over the past years, here are some major events that can let you have a trip back to memory lane.

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2010 Chaotic Elections

The CEP dealt with a chaotic election in November 2010. Despite street protests and chaos that led to the death of two people, the CEP declared the election a success. CEP President Galliot Dorsainvil made the announcement after validating all the polls in more than 1,400 stations across the country.

It was a very controversial election, with countless of protests against electoral fraud. Even 12 of the presidential candidates have accused the government and the electoral commission of conspiracy.

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CEP Members Downfall

In December last year, members of the CEP were fired in connection with embezzlement that allegedly occurred in the 2010 election. The Office of Communication of the President passed a decree voiding the appointment of the said members.

The fired officials were required to return all government properties that were in their possession. CEP President Gaillot Dorsinvil, who was cleared by the court along with two more members, showed up to work again after hiding for weeks.

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The Arrest Of Ex-CEP Members

Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe's office oversaw the arrest of six former members of CEP. The suspects, which were fired by a presidential decree in 2011, were charged for misappropriating government property. They were the suspects behind the stealing of government properties, which included laptops, photovoltaic panels, and memory cards.

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Installation Of New Permanent Council Members

The Permanent Electoral Council welcomed six new members on August 21. The members were installed during a ceremony at the School of Magistrates with several personalities the likes of Justice Minister Jean Renel Sanon and CEP Director Gabrielle Hyacinthe. In a speech, Hyacinthe welcomed the new members and called on to them to stick together in dealing with challenges. She also reiterated the council's mission to earn back the public's trust and confidence to the electoral process.

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