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Final Results of the elections for 69 municipalities in Haiti

The CEP has published the final results of the municipal elections that took place on October 25, 2015 for 69 municipalities as they were not as these municipalities were not subject to any challenge. Here are the results by Department:



Grand Anse




North West



South East

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Haiti's new CEP to be headed by Leopold Berlanger, took office

Yesterday, March 30, 2016, in an official ceremony at Haiti Cour of Cassation , the new CEP took office. It will have the task and challenge to successfully complete the election process in Haiti unlike many many other CEP before them. We also learned that this new provisional electoral council will be headed by Leopold Berlanger. The Director of Radio Vision 2000 was designated by several organizations of Haitian media to represent them. This has not been made official yet, however some sources revealed that Leopold Berlanger will be the new president of the CEP, a position previously occupied by Pierre-Louis Opont.

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Jovenel Moise in fifth place, not qualified for run off election

Jovenel Moise and the political party PHTK have not been feeling well since February 19, 2016. That was the time when Jovenel Moise and representatives of PHTK met provisional president Jocelerme Privert and learned the bad news. According to Jovenel Moise who was recently on Scoop FM, PHTK was informed at that time by Privert that he was not aware that Jovenel Moise was qualified for the run-off presidential election. Instead, based on the information in possession of the Haitian president, Jovenel Moise came in fifth place in that election and not first as the CEP of Pierre Louis Opont would have suggested.

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Leopold Berlanger back to the CEP, representing Media sector

The Director of Radio Vision 2000 is back in the CEP. He was designated by several organizations of Haitian media to represent them. Among the organizations involved in his selection, we find: the Assossiation National of Haitian Media (ANMH) headed by Mr. Herold Jean Francois. Don't forget that in April, 2013, Leopold Berlanger was designated by the CEPJ to be part of the CTCEP

What do you think?

Haitian Kreyol:

Leopold Berlanger tounen nan CEP a, kounye a reprezante Media sektè

Direktè Radyo Vizyon 2000 tounen nan CEP a. Li te deziyen pa plizyè òganizasyon nan medya ayisyen an pou reprezante yo. Pami òganizasyon sa yo, nou jwenn: Assossiation Nasyonal pou Media Ayisyen (ANMH) ki dirije pa Mesye Herold Jean Francois. Pa bliye ke nan mwa avril, 2013, Leopold Berlanger te deziyen pa CEPJ a yo dwe yon pati nan CTCEP la

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Pierre Louis Opont resigned from the CEP

The President of the CEP, Pierre Louis Opont has resigned. According to a source close, one that we trust. The decision was made by the President of the CEP. His letter will likely be sent to President Michel Martelly today (January 29, 2016). However it is confirmed Pierre Louis Opont is no longer the President of the CEP. The remaining members of the CEP have not made up their mind yet; however, at this time it is unavoidable. We no longer have a CEP

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Haitian Kreyol:

Pierre Louis Opont bay demisyone li nan CEP a

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Economic Forum of the private sector wants Pierre-Louis Opont out of the CEP

It appears that not only some of the members of the CEP are on shaky ground but also its president as well. The Economic Forum of the private sector made it public that it wants to see Mr. Pierre Louis Opont out of the CEP. According to the coordinator of the Economic Forum, Gregory Brandt, the Forum took notes that the CEP was unable to accomplish its task which is to conduct the election process in order to have a new president in the country on February 7th, and requests that Mr. Pierre-Louis Opont be relieved of his duties to allow the country to find a solution to the current crisis

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Yolette Mengual, self imposed work cessation at the CEP is over

Yolette Mengual is back to work at the Provisional Electoral Council(CEP). Reason: no one dear to bring corruption charges against me. She announced her decision on her Twitter page. According to Mengual, she wrote to the president of the CEP to inform him of her decision to return to work. " I want to inform you that I decide to return to work at the CEP. This decision was made due to the fact that no complaint was made against my person..........."

I have a few questions for Yolette Mengual:

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No Election on January 24, announced the CEP

The CEP just announced that the election originally scheduled for this Sunday, January 24, has been postponed. The announcement was made during a press conference this afternoon. The President of the CEP, Pierre Louis Opont declared that as a result of the ongoing violence by various groups, the holding to the election this Sunday becomes impossible.

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Haitian Kreyol:

CEP anonse Pap gen Eleksyon 24 Janvye

CEP jis anonse ke eleksyon an ti te orijinalman pwograme pou Dimanch, 24 Janvye, ranvwaye. Anons sa a te fèt pandan yon konferans pou laprès apremidi a. Pwezidan KEP an, Pierre Louis Opont, te deklare paske anpil vyolans kontinyèl ape fet, kenbe eleksyon an jou Dimanch sa a vin enposib.

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Yolette Mengual withdraws temporarily from CEP to face accusers

Yolette Mengual has decided to take a break as member of the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) to make an attempt at clearing her name. She has been accused for some candidates and others in the population for receiving bribes in order to favor a particular candidate in the race. According to a message she wrote in her tweeter account, Yolette Mengual had announced that she temporarily suspended her participation at the CEP in order to lead a battle against the "unfounded accusation" against her

Haitian Kreyol:

Yolette Mengual pou yon ti tan soti nan CEP pou kontre akize li yo

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Calendar for Elected parliamentary to pick-up certificate at the CEP

In preparation to the opening of the 50th legislative session scheduled for January 11, 2016, the elected Parliamentarians were invited to obtain their certificates which give them access to the Haitian parliament. Here is the time calendar as to when these elected officials can come to pick-up their Certificate.

All elected Senators can drop by between 8:30am and 3:30pm. For the elected Deputies, the schedule is as follows:
For Department: Ouest and Centre: 8:30am - 9:00am
For Sud-Est and Nippes: 9:15am - 10:am
For Nord and Nord-Est: 1:30pm - 2:30pm
Artibonite and Nord-Ouest: 2:30pm - 3:30pm

Kalandriye pou palmantè eli yo vini pran sètifika yo nan CEP

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