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BOUCLIER spoiled election in Grande-Anse, Yolette Mengual

According to a prominent member of the CEP, Yolette Mengual, The situation in the region of Grande-Anse is out of control. She directly pointed the finger at the Political Party BOUCLIER who she accused for creating an atmosphere of violence in the region.

Yolette Mengual stated that member of BOUCLIER go to various Voting centers and proceed on stuffing the ballots or taking the urns with them.

She reported that in Jeremie, three Voting centers are closed. In Fond Cochon in Roseau, the Voting Center was closed by the supervisor after members of BOUCLIER came in and took the urn with them. According to Mario Luma, member of the CEP, individuals identified as BOUCLIER went into his home and threatened his family.

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Laurent Lamothe Officially In the Race for Presidency of Haiti

Laurent Lamothe, the former Haitian Prime Minister who was forced to resign from his post amid political standoff in last December, has finally submitted his nomination on Wednesday, May 20, 2015, to run for its presidency under the banner of platform Peyizan. He was accompanied by a few hundred supporters who chanted and cheered as he arrived by a motorcade at the port-au-Prince electoral office. This was a much anticipated and to some extent a surprised move (because of his repeated denial) came less than three hours before the Wednesday registration deadline and a day-long of legal scrambling.

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Did Pierre-Louis Opont commit treason to the Nation of Haiti

In 2015, Mr. Pierre-Louis Opont who was at the time the President of the CEP in Haiti and who also was responsible to conduct election in 2000 admitted that the result of the election he publishes in 2000 was contrary to the actual results and that he was obligated to publish the results fabricated to avoid popular uprising.

Taking a closer look at the whole incident, one might conclude that Mr. Opond has actually conspired with the international community to arm the sovereignty of Haiti. He allowed Michel Martelly to be qualified for the run off election in lieu of Jude Célestin of the political party INITE who earned square and fair that right. Ironically, Pierre-Louis Opont was rewarded by Michel Martelly as he was chosen to run the next election in 2015.

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Pierre Louis Opont and the imposed 2010 election results

In an interview with Valery Numa of Radio Vision 2000 on July 2, 2015, the actual President of the CEP, Mr. Pierre Louis Opont stated publicly as he has done in the past that the election results on the first round were different than the ones he published. The decision was imposed on him. Mr. Opont went on to explain that he felt obligated to go along with that particular decision to declare the wrong candidate as the winner because as he stated, he wanted to avoid a blood bath

To put it simply, our current President Michel Martelly was not qualified to go to the run-off election. If it was not for Mr Pierre Louis Opont who accepted to ignore the wishes of the Haitian population but instead agreed to plot with some foreign interests against them, we would have had a different president. Our president today would have been either Mirlande Manigat or Jude Célestin.

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BCED's verdict on Sophia Martelly Dual Nationality

On Thursday, April 30th around 11pm, the Departmental Electoral Office of Litigation (BCED) West 1, has given its verdict that the first lady Sophia Martelly meets all the requirements of the Haitian constitution and the Election Decree to become a candidate for the Senate. Earlier, after submitting her nomination, some challengers like Dr Louis Gérald Gilles of Fanmi Lavalas, Marie-Denise Claude, Me Tranquilor Mathieu (Unité Patriotique) and the platform JUSTIS had challenged her candidacy on two main grounds. Firstly, she holds dual nationality, U.S and Haitian and secondly, as the President of the National Commission Against Hunger & Malnutrition, she still holds a fund of $234 at her disposal on which she has not received any certificate of discharge as required for accounting of public funds, under the law.

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BCED Declared Unfounded Charges That Sophia Martelly Held Dual Nationality

On Thursday, May 1, 2015, the office of the Department of Electoral Litigation (BCED) Ouest 1, has delivered its verdict on the legitimacy of the First Lady Sophia St-Rémy Martelly's candidacy to the Senate of the Haitian Republic. The tribunal under the presidency of Wally Désence constituted by Me Merlan Bélabre and of Me Mario Delcy, has announced that the charges framed against the First Lady were found unacceptable as they were groundless to warrant any action against her candidacy and hence rejected. We may remember that some opposition leaders like Dr Louis Gérald Gilles of Fanmi Lavalas, Marie-Denise Claude, Me Tranquilor Mathieu (Unité Patriotique) and the platform JUSTIS, had earlier challenged her candidacy on two main constitutional grounds-- dual citizenship and her involvement with an unsettled public fund.

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Candidacy of Jacky Lumarque of VERITE rejected by CEP

The Provisional Electoral Council has reconsidered its initial decision and now has decided to remove Jacky Lumarque of the Verite Party from the race for not having his discharge certificate which is a requirement by the electoral decree in its Article 90. Mr. Jacky Lumarque was the candidate for the Political Party VERITE which was formed by former president Rene Preval.

According to the CEP, the candidate of VERITE did not provide a dischage certificate for his management as Coordinator of the Working Group on Education and Training (GTEF). The letters from the Superior Court of Auditors and Administrative Disputes (CSC/CA) demonstrated that the candidacy of Jacky Lumarque was approved without a standard-level décharge.

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Who doesn't want Laurent lamothe in the Presidential race?

My children would often tell me" " dad, that is not fair" and I often respond to them that life was never fair, just deal with it. However, in the case of Former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, not only he's been crying that life is not fair since the BDED has rejected his candidacy for president, but he doesn't think that he can continue to live if the decision is not changed.

Lamothe and his team has mounted a well organized public campaign to sell his side of the story. Whether it is on Radio stations, at the Royal Oasis Hotel in Port-au-Prince , in the Haitian diaspora; Lamothe, Former Minister Michel Brunache are all over the airwave, crying "abuses and injustices"

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Give it up CEP, you can't win the argument over Discharge

Lawyers for the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) ruled this week that Former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe lacks the required "discharge" to remain as a candidate in the next Presidential election. Members of the CEP have decided to the law regarding "Discharge" must be implemented. All candidates that have held positions managing public funds must obtain their décharge. There is only one exception: Members of the CEP who have held positions managing public funds do not need any décharge.

This is what many would call an arbitrary position on the part of the CEP. How do you feel requesting for something you yourself don't have? This is very dangerous to a democratic society when people in power think they have the freedom to select the laws they like and to implement them only when they want and under the conditions they select.

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Is Moise Jean Charles in yet? not until the fat lady (CEP) sings

Although former Senator Moïse Jean Charles has passed the first step to become officially a candidate for the next Presidential election, he is not in yet. The candidacy of Jean Charles can still be rejected and many people are waiting for the decision of the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) who will release the final list of the candidates. This decision will be final and it is expected any time now.


Malgre ke ansyen Senatè Moïse Jean Charles pase premye etap la pou li vin ofisyèlman yon kandida pou pwochen eleksyon prezidansyèl , li pa ankò andedan. Kandidati Jean Charles ka toujou rejte. Anpil moun ap tann pou desizyon Konsèy Elektoral Pwovizwa a (KEP) ki pral lage lis final non kandida yo. Desizyon sa a pral final e li espere nenpòt ki lè kounye a.

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