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Anthony Mathieu Cherubin dismissed from the CEP

The public has been informed that Mr. Anthony Mathieu Chérubin is no longer a member of the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP). This decision was made following an investigation that revealed several serious administrative mistakes on the part of Anthony Mathieu Chérubin. He was the Director of the Legal Affairs Section of the Provisional Electoral Council.

It is important to note that the Legal Affairs Department which Mr. Chérubin was fired from has a major responsibility and power in determining which candidates will be allowed to run in the next election at every level. Although much was not revealed as to the exact reasons for putting him at the door, you can not stop wondering if corruption was the basis for his dismissal.

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105 out of 192 Political parties approved by CEP

Here you have it folks. The political landscape in Haiti has gotten less crowded since yesterday. After more than 24 yours over the time scheduled to publish the results of the Political parties to be accepted to compete in the next election, the moment has arrived. The CEP announced that 87 political parties are out, or that is until they can prove their case to be part of the next election, and they have until this Friday to do that.

Mr. Nehemie Joseph was the CEP member with the privilege to make the announcement which came in late on Wednesday night.

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Nine members of the electoral council to be installed within the next 24 hours

The 9 members of the electoral council, which will be responsible to organize the next Haiti election is expected to be installed soon, likely today. Unlike previously, this time the members have been proposed by different sectors of the Haitian society, including the Catholic Episcopal Conference, women's organizations, the Protestant, the business sector, human rights organizations, workers' unions, the Media, University and the Voodoo sectors.

Here is the list of the 9 members of the electoral council who will be installed soon:

Yolette Mengual,
Vijonet Demero,
Ricardo Augustin,
Pierre Louis Opont,
Jaccéus Joseph,
Lourdes Edith Joseph,
Pierre Manigat Jr.,
Néhémy Joseph,
Lucie Marie Carmel Paul-Austin

What do you think?

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Seven CEP Members swear to implement provisions of electoral law

Last Friday at a ceremony at the Court of Cassation in Frères, 7 of 9 CEP representatives were sworn. Two of the members were not present for the ceremony: Me. Néhémy Joseph and Léopold Berlanger.

Me. Néhémy Joseph is still waiting for response to a correspondence sent to the President of the Senate, Dieuseul Simon Desras. As to Léopold Berlanger, he explained in a letter addressed to the President of the Court of Cassation is reasons for his absence.

Senate representative was absent, still without response to the correspondence sent to the President of the Senate, Dieuseul Simon Desras, which must confirm him his position

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Fritzto Canton, Jean-Claude Duvalier' lawyer, head of CEP

The short passage of Emmanuel Menard as head of the CEP will be marked by the person selected to replace him. Attorney Fritzto Canton, lawyer of former Dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier has the honor to assume this position. He was appointed by President Michel Martelly this week.

So what is going on?

Since the nomination of Attorney Fritzto Canton, the critic has not stopped. In fact, if you listen to some comments you would think we are already back into a Dictatorship in Haiti. Some had signaled that this change has strengthen the grip of the neo-Duvalier regime on the electoral machine.

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From Josue Pierre-Louis to Emmanuel Menard - Gouvenman An kenbe kontwol CTCEP

Another representative of the Executive government has taken control. The 9 members of the College Transitional of Permanent Electoral Council (CTCEP), have elected the various members to fulfill the various positions. Emmanuel Ménard, the representative of the Executive branch of government was elected president.

Here is the actual structure with their new positions:
Composition of the Bureau of CTCEP :
Emmanuel Ménard, Chair (Executive Branch)
Mary Clunie Dumay Miracles, Vice - President (Legislative Power)
Marie Carole Duclervil Floréal, General Secretary (Judicial Power)
Pierre Simon Georges, Treasurer (Legislative Power)
Applyx Felix, Advisor (Judicial Power)
Chantal Raymond, Advisor (Executive Power)
Léopold Berlanger, Advisor (Judicial Power)
Margareth Giraud St-Louis, Advisor (Executive Power)
Joseph Néhémy, Advisor (Legislative Power)

I have a Panic attack.

I don't know about you but I feel that the Government is either lucky, influencial or is working to get control of the CTCEP at any cost.

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Rene Preval Supporters take over Hotel Montana in Petion-Ville

The elections were fraudulent! Tens of thousands of demonstrating René Préval supporters took to the streets, or rather, took the streets with this cry after the results of the February 7, 2006 first-round of elections called for a run-off. What had started as a slightly run-of-the-mill election demonstration, complete with burning barricades and the thick, black smoke they create, took a much more direct approach to being heard by the people who count, as the crowd stormed the Petion-Ville gem, Hotel Montana, where the press headquarters of the electoral council was located.

Already deeply stung by the ousting of President Aristide, the demonstrators mobilized after the CEP released figures that made a run-off necessary, though the early count had shown Rene Préval with a lead clearly over the needed 50%. Claims of vote-rigging, incomplete or inaccurate voter lists, sudden relocations of polling stations, discarding of uncounted ballots and direct accusations against the CEP President of tampering abounded. Further fueling the ire of the protestors, communities traditionally for Préval saw an average 3-4 hours of delays in opening; a striking contrast to the noticeably smoother running of stations in areas supporting Préval's contenders. In those areas there were significantly fewer complaints, leading to the assumption that the difficulties experienced by Préval's demographic were artificially and intentionally created. Announcements of sudden changes were made at the last minute and were sometimes contrary to the actual situations met with by voters.

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Human Rights accused Michel Martelly as source of electoral crisis

Electoral crisis has plagued Haiti recently and President Michel Martelly was held responsible for this crisis by the Human Rights Organization during a joint press conference held 6th March 2013. President Martelly was condemned of Supreme Council of the Judiciary for manipulating the Chief Justice, Alexis Joseph. This denouncement came from heads of organizations like National Episcopal Commission for Justice and Peace, National Network for the Defense of Human Rights and Platform for Haitian Human Rights.

Chief Justice Joseph did prove that he was manipulated by the Martelly administration but his legitimacy is questioned because of his age. The Human Rights Organization asked the President to cancel the August 15, 2012 decree that appointed the electoral council's 6 members as it was against Haitian Constitution that required 9 members.

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Nehemie Joseph, Pierre Simon Georges, Mary Clunie Dumay chosen for the CEP

The Haitian parliament has finally fixed their choice by providing its three names to represent them at the electoral council in Port-au-Prince. The three individuals are comprised of two men: Nehemie Joseph and Pierre Simon Georges, with one woman, Mary Clunie Dumay.

This announcement was made by the Vice-President of the Senate, Senator Andris Riche on a Radio station

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Josue Pierre Louis not allowed to leave Haiti

Wow, Mr. Josue Pierre-Louis has to stay in Haiti whether he likes it or not.

According to information obtained by Haiti Observer, the President of the Permanent Electoral Council, Mr. Josue Pierre-Louis, who has been accused by Danielle Marie Bernardin for raping her is not allowed to leave the country.

"Me Josué Pierre-Louis frappé d'interdiction de départ"
"Nom Lan Paka Pati"

This decision has been taken by Haitian justice to make sure that he's available to to respond to his accusations.

Josue Pierre-Louis who is the current President of the Permanent Electoral Council and former Justice Minister in Haiti was accused recently by Danielle Marie Bernardin for raping her. Mr. Pierre-Louis has maintained his innocence, stating that he never raped Danielle Marie Bernardin

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