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Sauveur Pierre Etienne calls Martelly Incompetent and irresponsible

The coordinator of the political party OPL, Sauveur Pierre Etienne, classified President Michel Martelly as irresponsible leader following the announcement on January 1st by the President to hold the second round of the presidential election on January 17.


Sauveur Pierre Etienne di Martelly enkonpetan e irèsponsab

Koòdonatè nan pati politik OPL, Sauveur Pierre Etienne, konsidere Prezidan Michel Martelly kòm lidè irèsponsab e enkonpetan pou anons 1ye janvye pa Prezidan an kote li te kenbe dezyem wonn eleksyon prezidansyèl pou u 17 janvye.

Ki sa ou panse?

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FLASH - Ricardo Augustin, kicked out of the CEP by the Catholic Church

We have learned that the Catholic Church has been the first institution to impose sanctions on the individual representing the Catholic Church at the CEP. Mr. Ricardo Augustin is the actual representative for the Episcopal Conference at the CEP and also actual treasurer. According to Radio Vision 2000, a source close to the church informed them that a decision has already been taken to kick him out of the CEP. Now it is just a matter of time before the information is made public.

What do you think?

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CEP requests Emergency Meeting as election for January 17 impossible

The CEP and the executive are both on reverse gears, as the run-off Presidential election in Haiti kept on postponing. The Executive and the CEP have scheduled an emergency meeting to discuss the new target date for the election set for January 17 which is less than two weeks away. The meeting is scheduled for today(January 5, 2015). In a letter from the President of the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP), Pierre Louis Opont to President Michel martelly, he indicated that in a meeting with the other CEP members that took place on January 4th, they CEP members were in agreement that it would be very difficult, even impossible to hold the elections on January 17.

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BCEN under investigation for corruption by Me Ocname Dameus

In regard to the allegation of corruption at the CEP and the BCEN, things are getting more serious as a formal investigation is under way by the Chief Public Prosecutor of Port-au-Prince. Me Ocname Dameus confirmed receipt of the letter issued by the National Human Rights Defense Network (RNDDH) denouncing the CEP and BCEN. He also announced that the denunciation analysis have already been launched.

What do you think?

Do you think the Chief Public Prosecutor of Port-au-Prince is capable of bringing criminal charges against members of the electoral body if evidence of corruption is found?

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G8 and Fanmi Lavalas reject Commission of Electoral Evaluation

The current political crisis in Haiti has reached an unprecedent level. The creation of an evaluation commission was supposed to facilitate the electoral process; however, somehow it has managed to make things worst. Now both the Group G8 with jude Celestin and Fanmi Lavalas rejected the Commission of Evaluation. they actually consider this action as the latest manouver by the president and are calling on the Haitian population for keep the pressure on the government.

The group G8 said that the learned the formation of a commission via the news media. They also stated that they noted that the request for the formation of a commission came from the CEP but the request was never made public. Both G8 and Fanmi lavalas feel that both the Executive and the CEP that are at the origin of this commission are part of the current problem and that it is unthinkable to have them engaged in the formation of a commission to impose a solution to the problem.

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Yolette Mengual reacted to corruption accusation

CEP member Yolette Mengual who was accused in a corruption scandal where received large sum of money from candidates to guarantee to them a seat in the Haitian parliament rejected completely these accusations. According to Ms. Mengual, there are no truth to any of them. In her first reaction since the accusation, she stated that she will contact her attorney to bring those who had accused her to justice. In that, she is referring to the Candidate for Ferrier/Les Perches, Gerald Jean who said thay he paid $15,000 US dollars in person to CEP member Yolette Mengual for a seat as Deputy.

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FLASH: Gerald Jean paid $15,000 to Yolette Mengual to be Deputy

The Candidate for Deputation, Mr. Gerald Jean, is not a happy customer and like many unhappy customer, he has decided to do something about it by puting everything out in the open.

According to the Candidate for Ferrier/Les Perches, Gerald Jean, he paid $15,000 US dollars in person to CEP member Yolette Mengual for a seat as Deputy. This accusation was revealed on "Vision 2000 a L'ecoute" show on Radio Vision 2000 with Valery Numa. Although this revelation can get him in a lot of trouble such as being involved in corruption by paying for an elected position; however, he feels that he must show to the public the CEP and the BCEN for what they really are, two institutions that are marred in corruption.

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G8 wants Transitional government in Haiti by January

The group of eight candidates or the G8 is giving the entire process less than one month before calling for a transitional government to organize new general elections in Haiti within two years. Their demands: an independent recount of past election results, changes in Haiti's electoral council and national police department. In the meantime, the Group of Eight is calling for the protests to continue.

G8 vle gouvènman Tranzisyonèl an Ayiti an janvye

Gwoup 8 ap bay tout pwosesis la mwens pase yon mwa anvan rele pou yon gouvènman tranzisyon pou òganize nouvo eleksyon jeneral an Ayiti nan lespas de ane.

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Pierre Louis Opont and the CEP taking position

On Monday, November 30th, Pierre Louis Opont, the President of the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) during a press conference has discarded the demand of G8 members to form an independent inquiry commission to investigate the alleged frauds concerning the Minutes and the preliminary presidential election results.

As per his statement, the CEP is not empowered to form such a commission. Furthermore, election procedure has been completed after the verification and approval of the most competent authorities like Tabulation Center Votes (CTV) and the Office of the National Litigation (BCEN).

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Samuel Madistin di Yo achte konseye electoral yo pou yon Kaka Aran

Samuel Madistin, kandida pou prezidan MOPOD di tout konseye elektoral fin pouri. Yo pa ka reyalize eleksyon ki jis ak kredib. Li kontinye pou di ke sektè demokratik la te fè erè sou moun sa yo. Li diskite ke moun yo nan grangou, kèk nan yo se pwofesyonèl men ki fè fas a difikilte ekonomik. Yo sede dwadpasaj bay ofisyèl gouvènman pou yon ti Kaka Aran. Samyèl Madistin di ke Konseye elektoral yo kounye a se gro avoka pati PHTK.

Former candidate of MOPOD, Samuel Madistin, said the electoral advisers are corrupt, unable to conduct a fair and credible elections. He admitted that the democratic sector made a mistake for not realizing that these facing economic difficulties would fall for offers made by corrupted government officials.

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