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BCEN issues his verdict making Maryse Narcisse not so happy

The BCEN has issued its verdict in favor of the allegation of Candidates Maryse Narcisse and Vilaire Cluny Duroseau. Fifty(50) "Proce Verbal" randomly selected judged non conforming based on the irregularity observed by the BCEN. As a result the Tabulation center is ordered to conduct an new tabulation, taking into consideration these "Proce Verval". In regard to the demand of Maryse Narcisse for the exclusion of candidate Jovenel Moise and the elimination of the entire electoral process, they have been rejected by the BCEN. As you may remember, out of all those who denounced the election results of November 5, only Dr. Maryse Narcisse and Vilaire Cluny Duroseau filed claims to contest the results before the deadline.

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FLASH - Protest on Friday, one death, several cars on fire

The pressure on the CEP was intensified yesterday (Friday, November 21, 2015) as thousands of Haitians continue to demand that last month's presidential election be annulled. The protest that started peacefully turned violent after they were attacked by government supporters who threw rocks, blocks and bottles. The clash resulted in one death, two cars burned to the ground, several injuries and lost of business merchandises. One of the major injuries involves a Haitian protester who was hit in the head with a machete. The report indicated that the cars were burned around Delmas 95. In addition, several street merchants lost their inventories as people were running for cover.

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Police under strict order to prevent a Major protest from reaching Petion-Ville.

Several thousands of people were once again in the streets to demand the annulment of the last election in Haiti. One thing that is different this time they are now in favor of a transitional government to replace the current Martelly-Paul Government. So far, no incident of violence has been reported; however it is not certain this will remain. The crowd is as we speak is heading straight to confrontation with Police. The protesters are heading to the CEP local in Petion-Ville. We learned that that Police received orders not to let the protest reach the CEP local in Petion-Ville.

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BCEN authorized verification at the Tabulation Center Vote

The BCEN has authorized verification at the Tabulation Center Vote by Maryse Narcisse and Vilaire Cluny Duroseau. Both of them were told to come on Thursday to conduct their verification. While Candidate Cluny took the BCEN on his words and went to do the verification as requested, candidate Maryse Narcisse told BCEN to hold his horse. She want to have enough time to build a competent team to do that and scheduled her verification for Saturday, November 21. According to Moise Jean Charle, he was also invited by the BCEN to verify the minutes at the tabulation center, declined the invitation. Jude Célestin on the other hand said that he was not contacted.

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Moise Jean Charles wounded during protest

Senator Steven Benoit was not the only one who had a difficult day yesterday. Senator Moise Jean Charles was also wounded during their confrontation with the police as he was protesting the decision of the CEP not have an independent panel to investigate allegation of fraud during the past election. According to Moise this is a grave incident that took place yesterday. This was a quiet manifestation and the moment he was ready to speak to the crowd, Police opened fire. He also stated that the government is the one responsible for creating an atmosphere of panic in the country. They have a mission to fight. Stand up and fight

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CEP admitted to massive election fraud, what should be done?

The Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) made clear that after investigation and analysis that there were massive fraud in the last election. A list of various frauds were identified including actual votes superior to the voters of BV, number of National Identification Card (CIN) being different from that of the votes. In addition, the CEP found missing data with false CIN; in several BV, the minutes did nor correspond with the tally sheet. There were tricks in the way the votes were being counted: some of the results were entered in letter which did not correspond with the digits. Some PV were found with no LEP and much more.

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Carline Viergelin officially installed at the CEP

Carline Viergelin citizen has been designated to replace me Néhémy Joseph who resigned as councilor unwilling, he said in a letter to the CEP, pour illegally.

Watch The VIDEO - Carline Viergelin installed at the CEP

Even after the swearing of Carline Viergelin representing the peasant / voodoo sectors at the CEP, some in the voodoo sector insisted that she does not represent them at the Provisional Electoral Council. Organizations such as "Koze Pèp" and "Tet Kole ti peyizan Ayisyen" said that they have made no choice since the resignation of Nehemy Joseph.

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Nehemy Joseph, not comfortable with CEP, resigns

It appears that the recent attacks and accusations that have been mounting against Haiti Provisional Electoral Council(CEP) are having some effects. One of its members, Néhémy Joseph, realized that this is no longer an environment for him to work as he handed his resignation letter to President Michel Martelly.

A copy of the resignation letter is included. In his three page letter addressed to the President, Mr. Néhémy Joseph referred to the ongoing criticisms against the CEP stating that the country needs inclusive and impartial election

With the resignation of Néhémy Joseph from the CEP, do you see any hope for the election process to continue its course?

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Jean-Charles Moise Reported Misuse of 50 Million

Jean-Charles Moïse, the presidential candidate of the "Pitit Desalin" platform has been indexed by the Superior Court of Auditors on charges of misuse of 50 million HTG (at present rate around US$1.25 million) of public fund earmarked for the second largest Haitian city Cap-Haitien. In December 2007, he was the recipient of "cost of reception" fees" amounting to 36, 75,000 HTG. Furthermore, this former Mayor of Milot and Senator from the North had collected millions between 2006 and 2011 as an adviser to former President Rene Preval. His candidacy for the Presidential post is presently running at a risk of disqualification. During the last week of June, he had reported pressure from a group of opposition political parties to deviate him from the electoral race. Some civil society and human rights organizations had called the CEP not to surrender under pressure.

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Joseph Hebert Lucien Abandoned post with CEP Materials

The after election casualties in Haiti is in its course now that the election day is over. The first victim is Joseph Hébert Lucien who has been accused by the CEP for abandoning his post in the CEP with some sensitive CEP materials. Namely, The president of the CEP, Pierre-Louis Opont, said that Joseph Hébert Lucien took with him a stock of "Mendates" which was supposed to be used for the election.

On the other hand, Joseph Hébert Lucien rejected the CEP accusation, stating that he gave his resignation last Saturday due to several threats received by some political parties. He was shocked to see the behavior of the President of the CEP who decide to use him as scape goat for the problem in organizing the election.

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