Caribbean leaders to impose sanction on Dominican Republic

The Caribbean community (Caricom) should be commended for taking its first action against a cancer that is growing and spreading in the Dominican Republic. Declaring that it can no longer be business as usual, they suspended the Dominican Republic's application to join its regional economic bloc, following the court decision in Dominican Republic to remove the citizenship of many Dominicans with Haitian background.


The Dominican Republic must really have a huge problem with Black people, Haitians in particular since not only they are black, they are also poor.

After the Haitians, will they ask that only white people comes to visit the country?

Since they are at it why not ask that only white Dominicans give birth since the objective is and has been since independence to lighten the color of their population

The tourism industry should take note that Dominican Republic is not a welcoming place for Black people. Not the majority but a powerful sector of the Dominican population has an objective to solve the problem of Black in their country as it was the case when Rafael Trujillo decided to massacre many Haitians in 1937

The Civil Right movement led by Dr. Martin Luther King was not only a fight for Black in the United States. Many White people were involved.

After Adolf Hitler's Nazi party in Germany murdered 6 million Jews, many Germans were involved in protecting the Jewish community.

Why, the reason is simple: Someone who hate will continue to hate and when the target group is eliminated, he/she will find another group to hate.

Allowing the Dominican to continue with these behaviors toward Haitians is to allow a cancer to get bigger and bigger. If there is no effort to stop its spread, it will invade the entire body.

Haiti needs a major Military Force

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