Mwen Ba Dominikin Gabel Pou Li Envayi Ayiti

The Dominicans have Army, Navy, Coast guard. The Haitians have "Nothing". Do you think that one day we might end up be a colony of the Dominican Republic? Are you ready to become second class citizen under the occupation of the Dominicans?


On Tuesday, November 28, 2013 Dominican President Danilo Medina met at the Dominican National Palace all its forces, including: senior defense, enforcement and security officials, officials of the army and police, officials charged with protecting national security and the border. The meeting was to develop a strategy to deal with Haiti.

Is this a show of force on the part of the Dominican Government?

The report from the meeting between Dominican President Danilo Medina and his Defense and security officials has been reported by the press as "just trying to decrease tensions between the two countries."

I might be paranoid but i don't believe that

"Mwen songe te gin yon bri ki the fè konnin ke te gin yon pla pou te fe 2 payi sa yo vini yon sel"

Me repons Pa mwen"

Don't even think about it

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Ricclavie says...

They could try ( because they have: the idea, arm forces, friends, etc...) to defeat Haiti.

But they won't ( because we don't have anything at all and at war we won't care about them at all) have the drive to finish what they

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Subject: Mwen Ba Dominikin Gabel Pou Li Envayi Ayiti edit

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