Martelly Refuses to Boycott Dominican Republic, Says Buy Local

The government of Haiti (GOH) is maintaining a stance to avoid applying sanctions against the Dominican Republic (DR) for its High Court ruling to displace up to 250,000 Haitians of illegal immigrants. The DR is willfully withholding identity documents for Haitians born in the DR, retroactive to 1929.


The GOH delayed its response to the ruling, but has finally come forward to say it wishes to maintain close ties with the DR. However, CARICOM has suspended the DR's membership in the regional Caribbean body. CARICOM will consider reabsorbing the DR if a bi-lateral commission can resolve the issue of the deportation of Haitians. In response, the DR has refused to continue discussions with Haiti since their suspensation from CARICOM.

Haitian civic groups are demanding the GOH boycott DR exports and services. But the GOH remains steadfast it will continue trade relations with the DR. It advices Haitians to purchase locally.

Nord-Est/Inite Senator Jean-Baptiste Bien-Aimé, whose jurisdiction includes Ouanaminthe, a border town next to the DR, supports DR-Haiti trade relations. He also desires a bi-lateral commission be formed as soon as possible, to set a national agenda for further talks wit the DR.

The DR insists it has a plan to regularize displaced Haitians, but it will take two years to actualize. The GOH and CARICOM want to see a plan materialize within the next 90 days, but the DR is being reluctant to negotiate in good faith with Haiti and CARICOM.

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