Did you know that Leon Manus is dead?

Leon Manus, former President of the CEP died on Friday, October 26, 2012 in New Hampshire in United states. This news really revived a period in Haiti of significant importance.


Do you remember that in turn of this century, Leon Manus fled to the United States while he was in charge of CEP in Haiti. He feared for his life after he did not agree to approve results of a contested legislative and local elections.

Publication of the results of the May 21 election has been delayed, with opposition parties charging that the voting and the count were fixed to ensure a huge victory for the Lavalas Family party of the country's former president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

This is not my "Zin". However, according to rumors at the time, Leon Manus was given only two options by Presidents Rene Preval and Jean-Bertrand Aristide:

"you publish the results we indicate in favor of our party or you are a Dead Man".

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Bladymir Jean Charles says...

toujours les bonne personnes qui meurent pourquoi pas les autres gen yen trois kap vivre presentement en haïti nou tou konen - yo qui lè yap mourri yo men se sa pèp la ap tan_n oui pou yo

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Loc says...

Wow" I couldn't believe this news link is not news worthy, I have not yet to received any news about what's going on in Haiti right now, about what we heard in the past days referring to kidnapping and who got arrested in the process, now that got me question your motive and legitementcy as a news, give us the news about what's going on in the country

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Constant says...

Every period has its time. However for Haiti the same things go on and on and on. If we were a people who could learn from our past. Today we woul have a good election.

That is not to be the case with

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