Flower as a Gift

In a wide range of functions and events the flower as a gift is a popular item choice in many countries all over the world. For christenings and new births, flowers are offered as gifts. On holidays and social functions they are also worn as boutonniere and corsage. To decorate wedding halls, bridal parties and weddings, flowers are common gifts.


Besides this they are also appropriately used on grieving occasions, funerals, welcome parties, at homes, parties organized for bon voyage, etc. It is important to note that some types of flowers have particular meanings attributed to them. It is always a good idea to get to know first what exactly the flower you gift signifies so that there is no embarrassment or confusion involved.

For example you wouldn't want to gift a red rose signifying love, to someone you want to retain as just a friend. For example Bells of Ireland signify good luck, ambrosia signifies reciprocal of love, bittersweet signifies truth, carnation in solid color signifies yes, asters signifies daintiness and love, red roses signify -I love You, Lilies - beauty, Bluebell is a symbol of humility and passion flower is a Chinese symbol of womanhood.

Besides this, the red camellia is a symbol that you are a flame of my heart, white camellia that you are adorable, daffodils signify unrequited love, the variegated tulip is a symbol of beautiful eyes and gloxinia signifies love at first sight. Hence depending upon the occasion and the sentiments to exchange, the flower as a gift makes a great option, anytime

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