Anti-Social Personality Disorder Signs

If parents, teachers, and the community recognize the signs of an anti-social personality disorder appearing in a youth, they can take steps to get help for the individual. Here are twelve common signs to watch out for.


1. They exhibit cruel treatment towards people and pets. Repeatedly harm, threaten, and physically abuse them.

2. They frequently provoke physical altercations.

3. They use harmful or deadly weapons, for example, a baseball bat, rock, razor, knife or firearm.

4. They steal from people directly, for example, pick pocketing, cell phone theft, hold-ups for cash or credit cards.

5. They commit sexual assaults or rape, for example, date rape.

6. They set fires to buildings. They also destroy property by other methods, for example, driving a vehicle through it.

7. They commit a home invasion, car theft or car jacking.

8. They scam people, for example, identity theft, bait-and-switch schemes, or check forgery.

9. They steal small items, for example, shoplifting, lifting of personal items at a party or other social gathering.

10. They violate rules at school, for example, skip classes, assembly, and football practices. At home, they violate rules for curfew, television viewing, playing video games, and hours online.

11. They run away from home, repeatedly, for longer than overnight.

12. They skip school altogether and hang out with other truants drinking alcohol and substance abusing.

Disruptive behaviors such as the above interfere with school, work, and extracurricular activities' performance, and are signs of a developing anti-social personality disorder.

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