Daly Valet hired as Campaign Manager for Moise Jean Charles

We just learned that the Candidate for Platform Pitit Desalin Moise Jean Charles has selected Daly Valet to become his campaign manager for the upcoming Presidential Election in Haiti. So far the reaction of the public has been mixed. Some think it was a good decision, and that Daly Valet will be able to bring a lot to the table, including his reputation. Others feel that if they put their head together, the Pitit Desalin party will be able to run a smart and successful campaign.


Daly valet is the star reporter of Radio Vision 2000, former director of the newspaper Le Matin Boulos and the Director General at Radio Trans Inter- 98.1 FM, C-Medias, Centre de Recherche Nouvelle Haiti. In the summer, on March 31, 2015, Daly Valet had announced his support for the "Pitit Dessalines" and had informed that he would endorse none other than the leader of the Platform Pitit Dessalines. The supporters of Pitit Dessalines are now more optimistic that Daly will bring fresh air for Moise Jean Charles and Moise should be taken more seriously by his opponents, because their unison will provide favorable momentum in a difficult campaign.

An agreement in this accord has been signed between Jean-Charles Moses and Daly Valet on September 3, 2015 and it would be effective from Saturday, September 5, 2015. According to the agreement, Valet will be responsible for planning and coordinating all campaign operations of Moses throughout the country. The candidate will provide all logistical, financial and manpower supports necessary for accomplishing the campaign manager's mission. Both the parties to the agreement will be responsible for the preparation of documents and strategic decisions within the framework of the campaign. The responsibility of the campaign manager will be terminated with the final announcement of the presidential election result. The journalist Valet has expressed his commitment to support Moses with all his experience, expertise and extensive knowledge of a political analyst so that Moses can win and achieve the great dream of the founding father of the country Jean-Jacques Dessalines.

What do you think about this marriage between Pitit Desaline and Daly valet

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Wiguens says...

knowing Daly valet for his reputation and his background in terms of politics, I assume it is a god choice for PITIT

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