Private Security Companies grow in Haiti since 2010 Earthquake

The earthquake of 2010 has left most of Haiti in ruins. But as the years went by, the country that has once been shattered by natural disasters and political turmoil seems to be recovering and developing its economic, political, and social sectors. In a very recent report, the industry of private security has become a booming trend in the country as the number of companies who provide such service continues to dramatically increase since 2010.


The number of private security firms has been rapidly developing at a rate of about eight percent per year. Currently, these firms are totaled to be at about 41 and comprise of 12,000 guards that ensure the safety of several institutions and individuals in the Haiti. What is the reason behind this sudden trend? The 2010 earthquake which left the country on its knees provided an increase in international relations where international biggies such as the United Nations needed to hire thousands more of personnel to ensure the success of their peacekeeping mission in Haiti. In addition, the ongoing political conflicts and economic inequality apparent in the nation has made wealthy individuals and families paranoid to the possibility of theft and kidnapping, thus hiring private guards for their safety.

Despite the advantages of the growing sector of private security to the economy and citizens of Haiti, there is one alarming detrimental characteristic to it. With a total number of 12,000 personnel, these firms have surpassed the country's public police force of merely 10,000. Since there is more opportunities private sector, people are discouraged to join the police. And since only the rich could afford private security, what happens to the majority of Haitians living under poorer conditions that are also in need security?

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