Prepare for explosion in Ranmasse as Andre Michel will be with Jean Monard Metellus on 10-26-13

What should we expect this Saturday at Radio Caraibes in Port-au-Prince? Let's look at the situation:


On the one hand, the government classified Andre Michel as a fugitive of the law. On the other hand, Andre Michel as he has been doing before, will likely say things that the government of Martelly will not enjoy, specially about the wife and son of president Michel Martelly.

Will there be a representative of the government to defend their position this time or will be in the presence of CIMO or a specialize unit in the Haitian Police force waiting down in in the streets to arrest attorney Andre Michel after Ranmasse show?

The political climate in Haiti has been tense all week with the arrest of André Michel, who has accused the President's wife, Sophia Martelly, and son, Oliver Martelly of corruption. Supporters of the attorney showed up at the Courthouse where André Michel was scheduled for an appearance after his arrest the night before.

you can listen to the show directly on Radio Television Caraibes

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Subject: Prepare for explosion in Ranmasse as Andre Michel will be with Jean Monard Metellus on 10-26-13 edit

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