Ruelle Vaillant Massacre

With the active complicity of Haiti's armed forces, the paramilitary neo-Duvalier sabotaged post Duvalier's first ballot. The country would be able to select leaders democratically by this ballot. In Port-au-Prince at the Ruelle Vaillant alley 20 voters were sadly murdered.


Effect of the Terror Wave
The terror wave or a thunderbolt from the sky on 29th November 1987 affected the Artibonite and other departments. This massacre announced the country's general context of 26th April 1986 or in 22nd June 1987 to 29th November 1987.

General Henri Namphy, chairman of the National Council of Government was not in favor of the electoral process. Through different measures he demonstrated this which escaped the Army's control. He got his own writ published on 22nd June 1987 by ignoring the 1987 constitution.

The Massacre:
A mobilization campaign for the government's departure was launched in response of CNG operation Rache Manyok, the neo-Duvalier option. By July end, the mobilization was dying with its inability to overcome the military for different reasons. Peasants Tet Ansanm were massacred, meanwhile.

In Port-au-Prince, on Ruelle Valliant, on the Election Day early in the morning there was voting. To give their votes, there was a long line of people getting longer and thicker. Under, Colonel Jean Claude Paul's command, military personnel who were armed, came in a truck drove by and massacred thirty to three hundred innocent people. The election was accordingly annulled.

Endless Investigation And No Trial
The whole country fell in a state of trepidation and consternation. An outcry was made to bring the perpetrators to justice. But an endless investigation followed and no one has been arrested or tried till today.
On 17th January 1988, another election was held as called by the National Council of Government, of which General Henri Namphy was President. The electorate wasn't in tune this time as only 4% turned out to vote.

Toppling of Leslie Manigat's Presidency
Many political parties and grassroots organizations called for a boycott. Only the RDNP of Leslie Manigat and few others participated in the election. The presidency was handed over to Leslie Manigat who on 20th June 1988 was toppled by the military in a coup five months later. He proved to be a man without character.

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