Bullying Signs and Solutions

Bullying happens in every social context to individuals, groups, classes, races, genders, and sexual orientations. Researchers claim certain characteristics are present in people who bully. They are often authoritarian, dominating, controlling, socially underdeveloped, and prejudiced towards others. They are also emotionally volatile, coercive, habitually aggressive, paranoid, insecure, and prone to acting in robotic ways.


Bullying or hazing--as it is called on college campuses--has a shameful tradition that secretly legitimizes itself.

Research in psychology implies bullying begins in childhood. If bullying behavior is not dealt with then, the risk increases it may turn into a chronic disorder. Bullying works through mind-games, name-calling, or character assassination. It finds fertile ground in gangs and groups, often occurring in school environments.

Here are some guidelines to manage and decrease bullying at school.
• State clearly bullying is never okay.
• Set aside a school day to address bullying and its effects on victims.
• Monitor students more carefully in hallways, bathrooms, and schoolyards.
• Stress values of empathy, regard for others, and safe interactions.
• Stress the outcome of harming others.
• Apply hard-and-fast rules when bullying has occurred.
• Take action swiftly when an act of bullying is reported.
• Open lines of communication between the school- and parent-communities.
• Install a suggestion box to review student problems and suggestions.
• Develop school projects to encourage cooperative behaviors.
• Develop a program to teach bullies anger management and social skills.
• Support healthy student interactions.
• Present opportunities for after-school activities that students will enjoy and feel positive about.

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