Canada to take over command MINUSTAH in Haiti from Brazil

Canada agrees to replace Brazil and take command over UN stabilization mission in Haiti. UN stabilization mission in Haiti currently has 2,370 soldiers, 2,600 police officers, and 1,500 civilian officials on the ground in Haiti, including five Canadian soldiers and 90 police officers. Based on an agreement between Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in February, 2016, Canada will increase it participation in UN Peacekeeping missions in Haiti by sending 1,000 to 2,000 police officers and soldiers and take over command of the UN mission from Brazil after its mission mandate expires in October.


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Haitian Kreyol:

Kanada aprale an chaj MINUSTAH an Ayiti e ranplase Brezil

Kanada dakò ranplase Brezil pou pran an chaj misyon estabilizasyon Nasyonzini an Ayiti.
Nasyonzini misyon estabilizasyon an Ayiti kounye a gen 2,370 sòlda, 2,600 ofisye polis, ak 1,500 ofisyèl sivil sou tè Ayiti an. Li gen ladan senk sòlda Kanadyen ak 90 ofisye lapolis. Baze sou yon akò ant Pwemye Minis Kanadyen an Justin Trudeau ak Sekretè Jeneral Nasyonzini Ban Ki-Moon nan mwa fevriye, 2016, Kanada dakò pou ogmante patisipasyon li nan misyon pou mentni lapè Nasyonzini an Ayiti e yo prale voye 1,000 a 2,000 ofisye lapolis ak sòlda pou pran chaj misyon an de Brezil apre manda misyon li pral ekspire nan mwa oktòb la.

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Subject: Canada to take over command MINUSTAH in Haiti from Brazil edit

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