Senator Wencesclas Lambert broke Daniel Theodore's teeth

This can happen only in my beloved country of Haiti. A Senator of the Republic of Haiti publicly stated that he punched a citizen who did not attack him. Not only he punched the citizen, but he hit him twice. He further states the only reason he did not arrest the citizen is because his security personnel was not there.


The incident took place on March 9 at a meeting between the Senator and members of MORACS. Senator Wencesclas Lambert became angry after Daniel Theodore reminded him that some of his promises were not delivered

The Senator of southeast Wencesclas Lambert admitted in radio that he broke the jaw of Daniel Theodore and ripped his fist tooth with a punch.


Daniel Theodore must have done something extremely bad to the Senator of the republic. Did Daniel Theodore rape the Senator's wife? his daughter? Did he kill a member of his families?

According to words coming out of Senator Wencesclas Lambert's own mouth: "Daniel Theodore disrespected Me"

Mezanmi, Yon Senatè decide pou li kalote yon citoyen pou tet li di ke lape Fè Manti. Eske Daniel Theodore Te Joure Manman Senator Wencesclas?

"Bat chen yan tann met li".

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Chaton Mercharles says...

I think this Senator should be arrested and put him in trail for assaulting a citizen and even broke his tooth.

Senate yo sipoze trase yon exanp sou senate saa pou prouve kredibilite yo e sil posib exkli misye kom

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Mike says...

Sèlman an

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He Should Be Arrested says...

That should be considering as an assault either way you sliced it! The main is a Senator not a supreme being! He's there to serves the people not assault them, therefore senator or not he should be arrested for assaulting a citizen! He adnitted thus that's admitting his guilt!
Arete'l Tet Kale! Pase lod

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Raymond Lafontant says...

one should take that with profound thought.

this happen in other countries but for the high interest of the

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