Tande, 55% nan elèv an Ayiti bwè alkòl, 23% pran dwòg

Elèv lekòl an Ayiti yo dekouvri ke dwòg se solisyon an pou anpil nan pwoblèm yo epi yo de pli zan pli repoze sou li. Dapre yon etid ki te fèt nan 2014, yon majorite nan timoun lekòl ap itilize dwòg. Etid la te jwenn ke 55 pousan nan yo bwè alkòl regilyèman, pandan ke 23 pousan nan dwòg lou. Komisyon nasyonal kont dwòg (CONALD) dènyèman te kòmanse yon kanpay sansibilizasyon kont konsomasyon dwòg nan mitan timoun lekòl an Ayiti. Kanpay sa finanse sitou pa gouvènman ayisyen an ki gen kòm objektif pou angaje nan yon seri aktivite kiltirèl ak espò pou yo pote mesaj lan dirèkteman ba yo



55% of Haitian students consumed alcohol and 23%, drug

School students in Haiti are discovering that drug is the solution to many of their problems and are increasingly relying on it. According to a study conducted in 2014, an alarming majority of school children are using some type of drugs. The study found that 55 percent of them are drinking alcohol on a regular basis while 23 percent are into heavy duty drugs.

The commission national against drug (CONALD) recently started a sensibilisation campaign against the consumption of drug among school children in Haiti, funded mainly by the Haitian government. They will be engaging in cultural and sport activities to bring their message directly to their target group.

The drug and alcohol problem among young school children in Haiti is a sign of things that will probably go a lot worst before they get better, that is if it is possible for things to get better. Drug and Alcohol help these children to escape the brutality of daily existence in Haiti.

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Subject: Tande, 55% nan elev an Ayiti bwe alkol, 23% pran dwog edit

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