RE: Will Jean-Claude Duvalier Be Arrested Today?

Neth D Haiti - January 18 2011, 1:38 PM

Who is going to arrest and judge him?

This is my question.

Can people who should be themselves arrested and judged for everything they also did wrong to Haiti, arrested JN Claude?

No. I hope there were honest, competent people, to judge not only him, but his predecessors, specially Preval and Aristide, because they have done more wrong to Haiti than JN Claude.

Because in 2006, I was very young, Haiti had an image, there was no ordure, no litters people could go out late at night, there were trees, even forest we had a country, now, what do we have?

A land, not a country.

What Duvalier did wrong was the fact that his government killed too many people, but the other ones killed, and broke the Country.

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