RE: It Is Official - Michel Martelly The Next President Of Haiti

N.p - April 4 2011, 9:53 PM

Ce qu'il faut savoir:
une fois de plus le peuple a rejete la classe politique traditionelle.

se pou tout moun sa yo de pi soti nan maniagat, pase pran Kplim, Victor Benoit Serge Gilles, Duly Brutus, Tuneb Delpe etc tout bann lot yo kap goumen pou granmesi depi 86 pou yo okipe plas nan peyi-a, se pou yo tout ale jwe domino, bay yon lot generation d'homme forme gere peyi-a

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It is Official - Michel Martelly the Next President of Haiti

The CEP just gave the awaited preliminary results of the run-off election in Haiti. As it was announced earlier today, candidate Michel martelly is...

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