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Are there no newspapers in Haiti itself? I want to hire one part time volunteer worker female in Haiti.will start small and build up. more »
King Hu, 03/09/18 1:43 AM
Please send me the procedure for submitting an obituary in this newspaper. Thank you more »
Claudette Arboueet Owens, 03/09/18 1:02 AM
I'm a researcher from Brazil and I would like to know if the peanuts were shipped in fact to Haiti and if ONGs and local producers of peanuts did any kind of resistant like a... more »
Erbenia Lourenco, 02/27/18 6:55 AM
I am a 67 year-old communication graduate student. In 2016 I retired and went to China to teach English; I was surprised, but now concerned about how the weather and the... more »
Barbara Collier, 02/09/18 9:46 AM
How did St Jacques Basin created or made more »
Karly, 01/31/18 11:15 PM
I agree. I couldn't stop laughing you are so right, more »
Karly, 01/31/18 11:11 PM
listen here youngy, try actually putting a RECIPE more »
Jean, 01/25/18 11:42 AM
the question is not is it possible? but how can we help haiti make that dream come true. more »
Selfish No More, 01/14/18 4:43 PM
I'd love to contact Mrs. Bennett, how can I go about doing that. She has information that would help us pursue justice in Haiti. more »
Jp Villedrouin, 12/17/17 7:01 PM
Jean Monard, Je vous remercie cordialement pour "Ramasse", espéciallement celui du 2 décembre 2017. Tenez bon! more »
Pierre Laguerre, 12/03/17 6:30 PM
Kote local la ye menm exactement? more »
Dalien Vildor, 11/30/17 11:30 AM
Looking forward to seeing you in January. I will let you know when my wife and I will arrive. Should I assume that we will be staying on campus again? more »
Rev Davidtran, 11/20/17 8:46 PM
Money will not make Haiti the envy of the Caribbean; it will take something far more valuble that is far more easier to obtain and far more abundant. more »
Mack D, 11/20/17 7:39 PM
Ed Lozama is nothing but a loser. He had a restaurant he sold it, he lost his house.He was desperate for a job where he can get cash fast. He was campaigning for Michel Martelly... more »
Samuel Augustin, 11/01/17 9:43 AM
Hi can you please tell me is there any evangelical church in hinche Thank you more »
Ovidio Reyes, 10/24/17 4:20 AM
I am a us citizen but have not resided in usa for over 15 years. I was married in Venezuela and the wife is now a us citizen living in Texas usa. We have been totally separated... more »
R Smith, 10/03/17 12:40 PM
Way to go comme il faut...proud if you more »
Clairin, 09/19/17 9:24 PM
Interesting! Thank you for these articles! more »
Mack, 09/01/17 6:57 AM
More information about the 10 year plan! more »
Mack, 09/01/17 6:55 AM
Good Day: I'm writing this note in the interest of opening a business in Haiti. I have duel citizenship, and I'm trying to acquire enough information on business and the... more »
Harold Cazena, 07/30/17 4:36 PM

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