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Bonjour, Je suis une ancienne eleve de Regina et voudrais entrer en contact avec le Superieur du College. Merci more »
Edel Pierre, 10/24/21 9:21 PM
How can We improve the educational opportunities for Abricots youth? more »
Asinia Lukata Chikuyu, 10/09/21 8:36 PM
lol,really his little money is NOTHING,ok more »
Patrick Mour, 08/12/21 8:28 AM
Who "outscored" him?? I'm doing a write-up on him. more »
Jack S, 07/19/21 1:12 AM
i want to read the full event of the Invension and Occupation by Haiti to The Dominican Republic more »
Pablo Cedeno, 07/11/21 10:12 AM
The conflict between Haitians and Dominicans is not regarding race. It's regarding their 22 year invasion of the Dominican Republic, where they took over land, tried to strip... more »
Lourdes Reyes, 07/10/21 3:50 AM
Ash, 01/04/21 11:56 PM
Arnel Belizaire's Criminal record does not qualify him as a deputy but that still doesn't give the government the right to hold a political prisoner. more »
Serge Fabre, 12/16/20 4:48 PM
Can I soak it in rum barbancourt for cold more »
Dani, 12/13/20 5:04 PM
Unfortunately, Jean Alcindor passed away in New York years ago. more »
Syfrid Roche, 09/14/20 6:22 AM
Interesting Story about the History of Haiti. Thanks for publishing it. 5 Stars. By Gregg L. Friedman MD more »
Gregg L Friedman Md, 07/13/20 5:48 PM
I would like to see the documentation the proves my great great grandfather came from Jamaica, please. more »
Richard Mevs Lilavois, 03/27/20 9:43 PM
Did you get a number Mitzy more »
Tina, 02/09/20 7:16 PM
Hello can I have judge phone number please please I need help! more »
Tina, 02/09/20 7:12 PM
Update or delete photo. We must promote. Let's not publish only the negative. more »
Kat, 11/13/19 5:06 PM
Hello How can I get a schedule for the jitney and the routes more »
Marissa, 10/16/19 11:36 PM
I think it's a wonderful idea, but I'm afraid the US is not going to let that happen. Sad to think that but that just the reality. more »
Saki, 10/07/19 6:06 AM
Hope this response is right on time. I drink this tea throughout both pregnancies. My children are now 12 and 10 years of age. Strong & intelligent too. more »
Rera Magiciam, 09/30/19 6:49 PM
Eskel vreman mouri nan sida obyen se manti yo tap fe sou li more »
Rose, 09/07/19 7:47 PM

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