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Enex Jean-Charles ratified under pressure from International Community

Let's once again thank "Mr. Blanc" for his involvement in the internal affairs of Haiti and for making the nomination of a Prime Ministe possible. The session in the Chamber of Deputies for the ratification of the statement of General Policy of Prime Minister Nomnee Enex Jean-Charles was not possible as the majority bloc "Parliamentary Alliance for Haiti" (APH) were not yet satisfied with the deal. However, according to some reliable sources, it was not until some pressures came from members of the International community that they finally got into shape and decided to proceed with the ratification process. As a result, 78 deputies voted for, 1 against and 2 abstentions.

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Inauguration of government headed by PM Enex Jean-Charles this Saturday

A functioning government in Haiti can not wait any longer. This Saturday (March 26, 2016), President Jocelerme Privert will proceed in the inauguration of the newly formed government of Prime Minister Enex Jean-Charles. However, several changes have been made in the membership of the cabinet to please some of the pro-Martelly supporters who are trying to protect him against accusations of mismanagement of funds from the public treasury during Martelly government.

Minister of Planning and External Cooperation: Me Aviole Fleurant

Minister of Justice and Public Security: Florence Élie

Minister of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Rural Development: Finally, Pierre Edouard Laurore

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Enex Jean-Charles has made it as Prime Minister of Haiti

Things did not start well yesterday for Prime Minister nominee Enex Jean-Charles, but was successful at the end. Earlier on the day, the session in the Chamber of Deputies was not possible due to a lack of quorum. In the evening, he received a vote of confidence on his general policy in the Senate of the Republic. It was not until early morning on Friday (March 25) that the Chamber of Deputies had decided to approved the general policy of Prime minister Enex Jean-Charles with 78 deputies in favor, 1 against and 2 abstentions.

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Fritz Jean Fails To Win Absolute Majority in Lower House of Deputies

When the Haitian economist and the former governor of Haiti's Central Bank Fritz Jean was nominated as the Prime Minister by the Interim President Jocelerme Privert to lead a caretaker government, the legislators allied with the party of former President Martelly voiced concerns about the fact that Fritz's selection as the new Prime Minister would give absolute control to their oppositions and exclude them from the governmental power. They even criticized his nomination as contempt of Haitian constitution, because Privert's announcement was made without any confidence vote, without the approval of the presidents of the both houses of the Parliament, and without the confirmation of the eligibility of Fritz-Alphonse Jean as the new Prime Minister. Fritz Jean's choice was made with a good support from the main private sector actors, but the signal of rejection was instant from the pro-Martelly bloc including the former Prime Minister Evans Paul.

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Prime minister Enex Jean-Charles made public his Ministerial cabinet

Prime Minister nominated did not waste any time following his appointment to make public the the team he will be working with. Here is the new ministerial cabinet that will be part of the government of M. Enex Jean-Charles

Pierrot DELIENNE: a.i Minister of the Interior, Local Authorities and National Defense;

Pierrot DELIENNE: Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship;

Yves Romain Bastien: Minister of Economy and Finance;

Enex Mr. JEAN-CHARLES: a.i Minister of Planning and External Cooperation;

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Jocelerme Privert named Enex Jean-Charles as new Prime Minister

It is now official, President Jocelerme Privert has named Enex Jean-Charles to become his next Prime Minister. Now the process starts all over again. The new Prime Minister must now form his new government and get his government program approved

What do you think?

Haitian Kreyol

Jocelerme Privert pran Enex Jean-Charles kòm nouvo Premye Minis

Li ofisyèl, Prezidan Jocelerme Privert te rele Enex Jean-Charles pou li vin pwochen Premye Minis. Koulye a, pwosesis la rekòmanse ankò. Nouvo Premye Minis la dwe kounye a fòme nouvo gouvènman li epi chèche jwenn pou pwogram gouvènman li a apwouve

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Fritz Jean fails to win absolute majority in lower House of Deputies

Prime Minister Fritz Jean did not win absolute majority in the lower house of Deputies and the ratification of his policy fails. Out of 75 Deputies present yesterday, 38 Deputies voted in favor, 36 against and 1 abst. Fritz Jean needed a minimum of 60 votes in is favor. In addition Fritz Jean was unable to reveal the identify of his ministers responsible for Sports, Haitians Diaspora and Defense.

What is next? Fritz Jean said he will return to his city and continue with other fights.

What do you think?

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FLASH - Fritz Jean made public his Ministry Cabinet

This is the team that Prime Minister Fritz Jean expects to work with if he receives approval to govern.

Fritz Alphonse Jean: Prime Minister, also in charge of Interior, collectivities, and defense

Eric Pierre: Minister of foreign Affairs, Haitian vivant a l'exterior, Cult

Yves Romain Bastien: Economy and Finance

Enex Jean Charles: Planification, Cooperation Extern

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It's official, Jocelerme Privert has nominated Fritz Jean as Prime Minister

According to a senior official at the National Palace, economist Fritz Jean has been appointed to become the new Prime Minister of Haiti. Anthony Barbier told Reuters: "I can confirm that President Privert has signed the executive order appointing Fritz Alphonse Jean as prime minister". Although it was supposed to be published already, the executive order has not been made official yet. President Jocelerme Privert is expected to face oppositions in the legislative chamber for his choice. The biggest complaint so fat came from Senator Youri Latortue who said that both Jocelerme Privert and PM nominee Fritz Jean are both of Fanmi Lavalas tendency and do not represent a government of coalition

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Jocelerme Privert to reduce number of cabinet positions

In a press conference given on Friday, (February 19 2015), the new Provisional President Jocelerme Privert said that the public treasury in Haiti is belly up, there is no money in it. He is strongly considering a reduction in the number of ministerial positions. In addition, the Provisional President had asked the Prime Minister to stop all appointments in Haiti Public Administration.

Do you think we have too many ministerial positions in Haiti government?

Do you have any particular preference as to which ones have not done much and should go?

Which ministers do you think have been working hart and made a difference?

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