Haitian mother sets her 6 year old child on fire to remove evil Spirit

A child's grandmother, Sylvenie Thessier who is 71, is likely to go to prison for watching her grand-daughter being set on fire and not taking any action.


According to a report from New York Daily news, back in June 2009, Marie Lauradin sprayed rum over her child and set her on fire during a voodoo ceremony in Queens Village, in an attempt to clear her from evil spirits. The mother was accused of setting her daughter Frantzcia Saintil on fire.

Now, the grand mother, Sylvenie Thessier will be charged as well for negligence as she was present at the time of the incident and did not do anything to protect the child.


Is this how some Haitian families deal with mental illness?

Do you think that some of our children are possessed by evil spirits?

What are some of the best ways to remove those evel spirits?

Do you think the grandmother should go to prison as well?

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Bale Wouze says...

sakrifis fou diab ka fel rete sou pouvwa pa rele asasinatyon.

se nan jen sa yo te retire ti bebe'a nan vent nanoune myrtil pou yo te fe sakrifis manje ti bebe'a tou vivan tou cri san

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Bam Papam says...

Moun ki te recevwa lod touye Madan Bertin se minis Interye a Beaubrun.

Minis la te chwazi 2 atoufe les freres Arbrouet ke li te peye pou touye Madan Bertin.

Jou kite 28 Mas 1995 jan Aristide te mande li, yo fann fwa Madan Bertin.

FBI ki te an ayiti a lepok reyalize yon anket, yo jwenn ke minis Beaubrun tap egzekite lod Aristide nan touye Bertin.

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Lisentibon says...

I guarentee you that this crazy demon was a

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Mio Borgela says...

I Know many haitian family do not accept the fact that a faamily member can be sick mentally.

They always attribute that illness to Voodoo.

If you take most Haitians, if a friend is sick or dead, they will likely say someone else is responsible for that.

With the Haitian society, noone can die of natural causes.However, if you look at the conditions most of us Haitians are living in, and are a realistic person, you would flip the question and say instead: How come more Haitians are not

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Alsienor D. says...

Ayi bobo pou tout sa Ki pa blie Kilti li

The voodoo religion is not a bas thig. It is like any opther religion.

The people who are using it wrong are the one at fault.

This woman who let her daughter burn was not following any religion.

She is just stupid.

There is nothing wrong with Voodoo.

I am a Houngan and proud of

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P. Nere says...

When will haitian accept Christ and stop warshipping the devil>

Haiti needs lots of prayers.

Our belief in voodoo is the reason why we have all these problems: Earthquake, Hurricane, Cholera.

haitians need to come and accept Christ and leave the Voodoo.

This is

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Mare Antoinette Cezar says...

The Haitian does not believe in Mental illness.

In the meantime, many Haitians are affected by this illness, just like anyone else.

Please do not think that your children are affected by evil spirits.

There are many reasons why a child can be acting a certain way. First thing you need to do is to go see a psychiatrist with this child>

There are many new medications that can be used to deal with the

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Fe Kope Fe says...

I know a Haitian Houngan that could help the family.

If you have children that have behavior problems and you want to remove the evil spirit, please respond.

my friend can work both in Haiti and in the United States

I know how to work with

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Papa Zo says...

What. Are they still doing these kinds of things.

These Haitians need to be educated and learn new ways of doing things.

Haiti needs people more advanced.

I can't still believ that someone almost killed his child because of some voodoo

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