Please Jude Celestin say something to the Provisional Electoral Council.

The "Haitian Joudalist" learned that Jude Celestin is playing either hard ball or hard to get with Rene Preval, his party Unity and the International community. Celestin just would not confirm that he is in fact withdrawing from the electoral race in Haiti.


Be reasonable man!

So far, everyone but Jude Celestin, has declared that he is out of the race.

More importantly, no one can find him to make a statement.

Is this the case in Haitian Creole "De pye Ti Rene pran nan youn grin soilier"

Will Jude Celestin eventually make it official and say the magic words:" I withdraw my candidacy for the Presidency of Haiti"

What happen if he does not say it?

You know Jude, since we publicly announced that you came in second in the November election and were qualified to participate in the runoff election with candidate Mirlande Manigat, we can't just change our mind and say we made a mistake, and that now the runoff election will be between Mirlande and Micky (M&M).

Listen Jude Celestin, the Provisional Electoral Council(CEP) just stated that On February 2, they will announce the final first round results of the November Election. Are you in or out ?

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Pierre-m Antoine says...

you get it ecxactly right the made the country the way it is and make fun of haitien the poorest country but every celection they are there to

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Paul Calixte says...

When will Haiti be left alone to draw its own destiny?

Since Haitian independence, the International community(FRANCE, US) have been involved in the business of Haiti.

This has not helped Haiti.

Haiti has moved from bad to worst.

Then the obvious question is why?

To control world order

To make sure that a black country such Haiti does not influence other countries and tell them what the real deal is.

To keep the white

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Melanie says...

The 2010 Election needs to be eliminated because it was not good. Anyone who accepts to participate in the runoff election will legitimize the election that was based on fraud.

This will be similar to doing prostitution to earn money.

The mean to arrive at the conclusion do not

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Martine F. says...

Jude Celestin has an opportunity to demonstrated to the forces that have been dominating Haiti for over 200 years that the Haitian spirit will remain and nothing can compensate for that. Preval is a sell out and we can forget about him. However, Jude Celestin can prove to be a great leader in the next few days by not accepting to withdraw from the election.

Let the CEP put him out so that the world can see that they are up for no

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Neg Maron says...

Let me say that: you can foul some people some sometimes, but you can not foul all the people all the time. For the first time, Rene Preval found his match.

He is not able to pick the next president for the Haitian population.

It is once again the case where the Haitian people can not be controlled.

We are not like any other group of people.

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Jean-rene D. says...

I think Rene Preval find himself in a mess that he does not know how to get out of. He really think he could manipulate the election in Haiti and get away with it. This time the Haitian population outsmart Rene Preval.

On the other hand, he has new problem within his Unity Party.

Jude Celestin appears not to be as agreeable as Rene Preval

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