Haitian Government knew who had kidnapped Moscoso children but did not intervene

The National Network for the Defense of Human Rights (RNDDH) has made public some very interesting information about Clifford Brandt and his kidnapping Network. This is something that may be shocking to many; however, the report indicated that the current Haitian government had some pretty good information about who had kidnapped Nicolas Moscoso and Coralie Moscoso, they ad decided not to be involved.


Are you serious?

What is the purpose for electing a president of a country?

"Papa Desalyn, Nou Mélé"

The RNDDH reported that it was not until the U.S. government got involved that the Haitian authorities decided to act. Luckily, The Moscoso family had contacted about the kidnapping

a high official of the U.S. Administration, requested by the victim's family, contacted the Haitian government that the Haitian government got involved directly.

"This is another reason folks, if you are currently carrying a Passport win a Eagle, hold it tight"

According to RNDDH report, the gang led by Clifford H. Brandt has been in operation for several years and has been involved in at least thirteen (13) cases.

At this point, shouldn't we be asking who knows what, when, how and where. If the report is based on facts, I personally have a lot of people I would like to ask these question. Let me give you a few names that just come to mind: Former Chief of Police Mario Adresol, former Haitian President Rene Preval.

The report also indicated that Clifford Brandt had other plans for Nicolas MOSCOSO and Coralie MOSCOSO. Their final days were counted. The criminal gang of Clifford Brandt did not have any intention to release them. The plan was to eliminate them after collecting the ransom

Also found on Clifford Brandt was an identification card with the title as Advisory of State for the President.

According to RNDDH report, the following people were members of the Clifford Brandt Network:
Edner also known as Jackson Travelino
Ernst Pierre
Franck Sinterin,
Frediane Jean Jean Sawadienne
Junior Charles
Odens Marcel
Charles Elissoit
Jean Marc
Jean B. Bernard aka JB
Ricot Pierre-Val, Dje alias, alias AG, also known under the name Edson Forgue
Fort Saint Carlo Bendel
Carline RICHEMA concubine Ricot Pierre-Val
Evince Larrieux
Berthony Dumezil former policeman
Sawadienne Jean
Franck Sinterine
Junior Pierre Charles

The police Officers involver or arrested in Clifford Brandt Kidnapping Network:
Phebe Marc-Arthur, Head of the National Palace CAT Team
Jacques Darly Michelais, A4
Fritz Aristide, A4
Oneste Gabelus, A3
Gerald Fontelus, A1

For more information, go to: radiokiskeya.com

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Cassagnol A says...

This is who we elect.

Haiti does not produce much. However, we have several things we are good at. We are good in Kidnapping.

The Haitian Government is really not focusing in Tourism industry.

The business that is being promoted in Haiti.

How can you promote tourism when the people do not have the basic which is

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