Allegation of Coup D'Etat conspiracy against Michel Martelly

Breaking News. President Michel Martelly made a surprise visit during a meeting at the residence of Prime Minister Garry Conille and it was not to praise them. Quite the contrary.


According to information obtained from Radio Kiskeya, one of the senators who was present at the meeting made a phone call to President Martelly, stating that a group of Senators was plotting a coup D'Etat against him.

Some Senators reported that they had to leave as President Martelly became furious and was very offensive toward many of them.

Deblozay Pete Kay Premye Minis!

According to the information, Prime Minister Gary Conille was in a meeting with the Senators G-16 and other Senators at his private residence. It was reported that one of the senators who was present at the meeting made a phone call to President Martelly, stating that a group of Senators was plotting a coup D'Etat against him. Upon his arrival at the meeting, it was reported that the president did not attempt to be diplomatic at all with the Haitian Senators. Instead, he started insulting them immediately.

Senator Steven Benoit stated that the president expressed hatred. he feels that President Michel Martelly has resentment for him especially in the revision of the Haitian constitution for not allowing him to be President for 10 years. Senator Benoit also stated that President Michel Martelly used intimidation tactics against him such as accusing him of drug dealing and being homosexual.

According to Senator Benoit, president Martelly told him:" Map Fe on Fin Avek Ou". He no longer want to be part of the commission responsible to investigate the Nationality of the President.

On the other hand, according to another senator who was also present but not identified, the meeting went smoothly and there was no incident what so ever.

Ayiti Cheri, Sa'w Fe Oup Peye?

"Toro nan menm savann"
"Bulls in the same field"


Are we looking at the beginning of a new wave of crisis in Haiti?

How do you think this is likely to end up?

.... waiting for your answer

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Louis-jeune Jn Ronick says...

One thing that people have to memorize, where Martelly was crossing to be here as a President, This is something to try to understand.

It is misterious.

Me personaly i think anybody who is trying to plan conspiracy against the President will see his carreer go down as butter exposed under the sun, it is really time to have someone that can allow the country to go up, Haitian people is ready to put any body on the ground for Michel Martelly.

Every year those senators, they used to have 1000000 gourdes for the school and they put it in their pocket without doing a thing, this year with the program of the President to put children at school freely, they complain about that money, cause they had already planned to have it in their pocket, so they go crazy...

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Papucho says...

the reason why they don't want Martelly is because they don't have the freedom to steal like before.

Specially those senators under Preval presidency, used to go to some offices to get the government money without permission.Give the country a chance to go forward with Martelly.

Every time you overtrow a president in Haiti it ia another minimum 5 years back .keep go on president Marthelly.

I am supporting all the effort you are doing to change the country work with who want to work with you, and avoid the thieves and the ( PATRIE POCHE).

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Monel says...

Marie Baptiste please, stop being a liar like president sweet Micky Michel martely.

I don't have any problem, because you love your "tet kale san po-w la".but I don't agree with you, when you said in a short time since Martely has been in office, he has accomplished more than any other ones that were in for years.

Marie in another reply can you mention any major thing that martely has been done since he got the power, I don't you gonna tell me he already sent 900 thoursands children to school, I don't know where ara you now, if you are outside Haiti;I praise you to come to see, there are more children in the street, before president:"tet kale san po-a"has been made his propaganda.

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Marie Baptiste says...

I don't understand Haitian people at all, everytime a person like Michel Martelly tries to do something good for the country they find a way to destroy that individual, they should be ashamed of themselves, they must stop their selfishness and start working together for the better of the country and the people.

(Haitien pa rinmin bon bagay)
I think for the short time Martelly has been in office he has accomplished more than any of the ones that were in for years.

That's why white people think black people are so inferior it's like they always want to depend on the caucasian race to survive, it makes us look ugly and

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Dee says...

I think if they didn't prove that he held citizenchip to another country, prior to him running for president, now that he is, it should not matter.

It is the responsibility of whomever, who was suppose to check on the matter prior to his winning.

Therfore please give Haiti a chance to shine befor we start with another "Coup" there will always be people who are not going to be interested in the development of haiti.

It's up to us the people to say enough is enough give my country a chance to

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Mgotcha says...

Coup d'etat, Mately frem gen tet cho, since our nation hhas no respect for the Lord, Esaie 1:5,is not easy to shake a nation that beleive in revenge, loi,lougarou, shanpwel,kout poud, rara,fet chanpet, fe moun tounen bef, tounen zombi, baka,bizango, sosiete depi se bagay ki pale de satan yo kwe, Esaie 1:16-17,Mr president God is the only

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Monel says...

wI, prezidan Michel Martely se yon paranoy, Paske depi e menm avan martely te prete serman pou li te vinn pwezidan, te gen yon konpotman, menm yon animal aji pi byen ke li.
Depi Martely te fini pran rey pouvwa, se atake lapwes, joure jounalisak fe menas ak media ki pa pale nan demagoji lap fe yo, pou nou site, joure manman jounalis scoop fm, di jounalis yo teze vou, ak denye an dat, se avan li te pati pou peyi panama ak venezuela pou lal rantre haiti nan alba, san konsantman paleman-an ki se ko detante soverennte nasyon, ak ki gen dwa ratifye tout ako enternasyonal.

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Cajust says...

It is sad to see a nation unable to govern itself.

It is even more sad fot the population who become hostage.

So what would be a solution for a country like Haiti?

Haiti does not need another form of government

Haiti does not need the various branches to work together because because they are not capable

Therefore, we need to be togethetogether.

It would be

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Wenky Pierre says...

I am asking me when Haiti will change, because each people who is leading our belove country are just looking for money.

we have got many many of coup d'etat in our belove country but everything stay the same, time to time that become worse than before.

The Senators just want money, it's the reason why there are doing this.

If i have got money, certainly i will pay them and take off them in their place just to leave Haiti take another respiration.

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Cajust says...

It is sad to see a nation unable to govern itself.

It is even more sad fot the population who become hostage.

So what would be a solution for a country like Haiti?

Haiti does not need another form of government

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