A review of the 2010 Haiti election day in Video

The 2010 Haiti election day was marked by mass irregularities, chaos, confusion, riot, and demand for annulment of the election. Most of the candidates were united against the candidate of the UNITE, Jude Celestin, whom they accused for creating al types of irregularities in order to still the election. The blame went directly to the actual president Rene Preval, for wanting to keep his political party in power.


Haiti Election 2010

The chaos started well before the polling places were open. Long lines of people waiting for polling places to be open. In some cases they did not open until 9 or 10 am in the morning.

Within hours of the voting process, several instances of irregularity, chaos and confusion, were beginning to surface in many polling stations in the capital as well as various places throughout the country.

Haitian radios reported that one person was killed in the Artibonite region, and another, in the South region. At Delmas, the voters resulted in stone throwing amidst chaos in pooling stations. At Carrefour, a voter was caught with several electoral cards and another man arrested because he was in possession of ballots with the name of Jude Celestin. Local radio station in Fort Liberte reported that a gunman entered a pooling station and fired several shots, injuring one voter. In Grand Riviere du Nord, incidents of ballot boxes filled with a particular candidate were detected.

We need to find a sense of humor in everything. The Election Of Haitian Goudou, Waka, Kaka:

Around 2:00pm, 12 of the current 19 candidates for the presidential post got together in a hotel in the Haitian capital to denounce the massive level of fraud so far occurring in the election and to demand that the election be cancelled.

Immediately following the closure of the polling places at 4:00pm, Haitian started protesting in the streets in several major cities to demand that the election be nullified. You can see for yourself in this video footage of the crowd singing and dancing in the streets.

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Pierre Cesar says...

Haiti will survive with or without sweet Micky, Wyclef Jean, Mrs. Manigat and others.

No one can please all the candidates because any of them wants to lose the election.

Haiti is the poorest country in the continent however you have 19 candidates want to be President of Haiti without a clear view how government works.

Big disappointment with Baker because I believe he has good intention but no none trust him. Mrs. Manigat, Crying Baby, just like her husband doesn't relate to the Haitian mass but the ones who can only speak French.

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Cesar Jean-jacques says...

I feel sorry for Haitian people who went to vote yesterday because most of the candidates who are crying like babies saw that they have no chance of upset Preval's United party candidate.

I do not expect anything else from Mrs. Manigat because she is doing the same thing her husband did four years ago. She doesn't realize that she was the one denied the Haitian people when they elected her as Senator Four years ago. In addition Mr. Baker is listening to the musician Sweet Micky and Wyclef Jean to have a carnival in the name of protesting the election 2010. I would understand the crying from Mr. Victor Benoit, Kaplume and the Lavalas candidate because Preval deny them to run for election.

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Alix Lazarre says...

It only means one thing that Haitians will never be civilized.

No matter how hard we try, no matter how many times industrialized nations try to implement good sense into our regime; the end result will always be chaos, confusion, riots.

I said it's time to move away from uncivilized doings, when are we haitians going to realize, it is not up to other countries to teach us cultural values and norms, that is something that we have to do

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