Elementary School funding: Public Donations are Possible

Jim Egalite - May 8 2011, 7:44 PM


With the recent political developments in Haiti and the democratic election of President Michel Martelly, many Haitians outside the country feel energized and exited about the prospect of a modern Haiti.

There is no doubt that a democratic, educated, clean and economically successful Haiti could be a cause for rejoicing.

The realization of the dream of Toussaint Louverture is something many Haitians have secretly hoped for. Really; Haiti, la perle des Antilles!

There is no doubt that President Martelly is committed to making free elementary education available to all Haitian children.

With 50% of Haitians unable to read and write and as education is the cornerstone for any country seriously interested in a durable and long-tern development, education for all is therefore a necessary precondition.

The new Haitian government should establish "The Haitian Elementary School Funds" and anyone; especially Haitians living outside the country could donate online $10 or $20, to support the construction of about 150 elementary schools throughout the country.

Via a website established by the Haitian government specifically for this initiative, your online $10 or $20 donation would be a concrete way to show your support, be involved and help the children of Haiti in their first and most important step toward the new Haiti you would like to see.

It is only a question of funding.

Haiti is strapped for cash, but the political will is there.

We can do it. Public donation for this very specific purpose is possible.

This way, Haitians who have contributed to this great cause could be proud of their positive involvement to have helped educate the Haitian children.

Jim Egalite

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Pascal L Registre says...

I don't see why not, We did just that in Liancourt with no gorvernment help, just the community, local ant international. The rest of Haiti knows nothing about it. Last year the... more »

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