Haitians Honored for commitment and consistency in 2013

Several individuals in Haiti have been commended by parliament for their hard work and perseverance in being strong contenders for freedom of speech, press, equalitarianism, etc.


They are: Frantz Duval, Emmelie Prophet Milce Jean Tholbert Alexis Simon Dieuseul Desras Gary Pierre-Paul Charles, Anthony Pascal aka"Konpè Filo" Marie Lucie Bonhomme and Me Carlos Hercules and Francis Concite

These individuals received plates of honor for their promotion of these freedoms and rule of law in their country. Two branches of parliament have deemed these individuals brave peace workers who would step forth when many others may have been too timid.

The Haitian Parliament acknowledged these individuals as building positive images of Haiti. In order for Haiti to thrive its people must come together in peace and harmony with strong desires to show compassion and understanding for one another along with their differences. Parliament emphasized the importance of acknowledging those who have put forth this peace effort. Parliament has agreed to recognize such important figures as these individuals on a yearly basis at the end of each year.

The recipients were fulfilled and content with the recognition. They vowed to continue further actions of freedom, peace, and democracy to make Haiti a better place to live for everyone. Even though the task at hand remains difficult they hope that their work together throughout 2013 has inspired others to join their efforts. The vow of perseverance for these political beliefs has been one of unity among those honored. There were even individuals who may be willing to join the cause but were unable to be there which included well known journalists and public figures of Haiti. The future looks much brighter for Haiti.

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